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How to make sugar Petushki
How to make sugar Petushki Lollipop is a favorite delicacy in Russia for several hundred years. Simple, as all ingenious, this invention loses none of its freshness today. Form of a Cockerel, perhaps the most popular, although there are still...
How to cut the watermelon
How to cut the watermelon Hard to find someone who is indifferent to the watermelonof am. These seasonal fruits refresh and quench your thirst in the hot season, but the most rich taste they reach velvet in the fall. To...
What to eat the strawberries
What to eat the strawberries Strawberry – sweet and juicy berry that contains many nutrients. It enriches the body With vitamin C, iron, calcium and other elements, has a pronounced diuretic properties. It is possible, but can be combined with...
The use and combination of
Harmful than hot cereal
Harmful than hot cereal One of the most popular choices for Breakfast are porridge and quick cooking. It would seem that the contents of the sachet allows for a few moments to get a delicious and rich in vitamins...
Black mushrooms clearly visible in the grass
How to pickle black mushrooms Black mushrooms have long been considered hardly probable not the most suitable for pickling mushrooms. They are easy to collect. Dark hats stand out against the bright autumn foliage, and they grow in groups. Saw...
How to clean boiled tongue
How to clean boiled tongue Boiled tongue, sliced, seasoned with spices, topped with garlic or horseradish, all the time was an exquisite delicacy. Language can not only cook, but bake, for example, in the oven. A delicacy if cooked properly,...
How to store mint
How to store mint Mint – a plant of the family yasnotkovyh, which are essential oil menthol. It is the menthol gives a distinctive "fresh" smell and taste. In ancient times it was believed that mint refreshes the mind,...
flax seed
What can you make from flax seed From flax seeds, you can cook cakes, salad, cereal, etc. From this product is very tasty and useful shelf, and a decoction of flax seed is indispensable for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
How to pluck a duck
How to pluck a duck Modern housewife rarely have to pluck the bird, and the duck even more. In the sale usually come ready carcass. But if there are hunter, prey is necessary to prepare, so you'll have to master...
How to quickly defrost fish
How to quickly defrost fish The fish has a rather delicate structure and requires a delicate approach to the issues of thawing. The best place to thaw frozen fish carcasses is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This process takes...
How to make grilled chicken
How to make grilled chicken Ready grilled chicken can be purchased in grocery stores or specialized kiosks. But the safer and tastier to roast the chicken on the grill at home. It is important to choose the right bird and...
How to cook normal rice
How to cook normal rice Rare national world cuisine without rice dishes. Rich in protein, b vitamins, phosphorus and potassium, it is widely used as the basis for cereals, mousses, and casseroles, as a garnish for fish and meat, as...
How to smoke sausage
How to smoke sausage The sausage has such an old history that it's impossible to tell not only who invented it, but even where and when it happened. Homer mentions sausages in the Odyssey, and Apifarma (I century BC)...