You will need
    • Packing plastic bags;
    • green beans.
In order to freeze beans, you should care about the source material. Green beans are delicious in the case, if it were collected at maturity stage. At this time, the pod can be easily pierced with your fingernail, the seeds of beans are juicy and do not have a hard shell. If the collection time is omitted, to make beans more tender, not even freezing.
The finished pods, trim stems, on which they fastened to a Bush, and then repeatedly wash them under running water. It must be done very carefully, as if Mature beans when the growth gets at least one rain, the presence of land on the pods are inevitable.
Put well washed pods in a colander or place on gauze or other cloth spread out on the table to beans glass the excess water. If this is not done, then freeze the pods will stick to each other and become similar to a piece of ice.
Cut the pods into pieces the length that you want to see in the finished dish. Most often, a vegetable stew enough pieces whose length does not exceed 2-3 cm in addition, in such amounts as the vegetables take up much less space in the freezer than if you put them in whole.
Put the beans in a plastic bag and rid it from the excess air. Then will only have to load the package in the freezer. Instead of packages, you can use plastic containers with lids. The shorter the path between the collection of beans and its processing, the greater the number of vitamins it retains.