Advice 1: How to freeze green beans

Frozen podsAya beans can be a great source of vitamins at a time when to get them fresh in the pods is not possible. If you take care of the billet in advance, you can save considerably on the purchase of prepared vegetables in the supermarket, moreover, to carry out freezing simply.
How to freeze green beans
You will need
    • Packing plastic bags;
    • green beans.
In order to freeze beans, you should care about the source material. Green beans are delicious in the case, if it were collected at maturity stage. At this time, the pod can be easily pierced with your fingernail, the seeds of beans are juicy and do not have a hard shell. If the collection time is omitted, to make beans more tender, not even freezing.
The finished pods, trim stems, on which they fastened to a Bush, and then repeatedly wash them under running water. It must be done very carefully, as if Mature beans when the growth gets at least one rain, the presence of land on the pods are inevitable.
Put well washed pods in a colander or place on gauze or other cloth spread out on the table to beans glass the excess water. If this is not done, then freeze the pods will stick to each other and become similar to a piece of ice.
Cut the pods into pieces the length that you want to see in the finished dish. Most often, a vegetable stew enough pieces whose length does not exceed 2-3 cm in addition, in such amounts as the vegetables take up much less space in the freezer than if you put them in whole.
Put the beans in a plastic bag and rid it from the excess air. Then will only have to load the package in the freezer. Instead of packages, you can use plastic containers with lids. The shorter the path between the collection of beans and its processing, the greater the number of vitamins it retains.
Vegetables from the freezer prepared, re-freezing they are not, because you lose all the vitamins.
Useful advice
Frozen green beans is prepared in the form in which goes from the freezer. In the preliminary defrosting this product is not needed, otherwise it will loose it's shape and taste.

Advice 2: How to freeze rose

Frozen roses can be used as an element of the interior of your apartment or simply as a reminder of romantic moments in your life. Freeze a rose is easy, but the whole process will take a fairly long amount of time. Order your frozen roses long please you with its appearance, must adhere strictly to the instructions on the dry freeze and use special equipment.
How to freeze rose
You will need
  • A few roses, apparatus for freeze dry (sublimation machine).
Separate the rose petals. You can freeze and a rose with a stalk, but the process may take much more time and lead to unpredictable results. It is recommended to freeze the petals.
Place the petals into the apparatus to dry deep freeze and set temperature equal to -7 degrees Celsius. Frost roses will occur in the vacuum space, which will speed up the freezing process.
After completion of the freezing process install normal (room) temperature on the unit, which will gradually return to a new temperature state. The rest of the process called "sublimation", will take about two weeks. During this process the water contained in the petals, turns into a gaseous state, allowing to permanently preserve the color and shape of the petals.
Store frozen rose petals should be in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator.
Do not put suhosolenye petals in the freezer, otherwise they quickly wither.

Advice 3: How to freeze asparagus for winter

Green beans - low calorie product, but it is very useful. To enjoy it all year round, you can freeze the asparagus in several ways.
How to freeze asparagus for winter
Green beans (asparagus) is a useful, yet low-calorie product. It contains fiber, minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body. Asparagus added to salads, cooked her soups and main dishes. As a rule, asparagus contains more vitamins, if it grew on your land or was bought from the farmers. What is sold in supermarkets is of little value to the body, so in the season of string beans, make preparations for the winter.

How to freeze asparagus

To all year round to have on hand as a healthy and tasty product, it is possible to freeze it. This can be done in two ways:

-to freeze in the natural (cheese)
-freeze boiled asparagus

In both cases, you need to properly handle the pods, so they do not stick to each other and had the desired length.

Freezing of raw yardlong bean

To start the procedure with the processing of the pods. Each stem should be cut from the stalk and the tip. Make it so that, after defrosting the asparagus did not spoil the finished dish, because by themselves they are very tough.
After that, the pods are washed in plenty of water and let them dry. You can put the asparagus in a colander, but it is best to put it on a towel or special kitchen towels. After the beans are completely dry, then cut into portions. Usually in salads and main dishes are enough slices 1.5–2 cm. It should be noted that long the pods take up more space in the fridge.
Then spread the asparagus in a pre-prepared plastic bags, of which clean the air. You can also store it in plastic containers.

Freeze cooked green beans

The green beans are cut according to taste, boiled in salted water for 5 minutes. Then recline in a colander and allow it to cool completely and to dry. To avoid gluing the stems, dry the asparagus is best on the towel. After the beans dry and cool, you need to prepare the container for freezing. It can be special bags or containers. Next, you should shift the prepared asparagus in the container and put into the freezer.

Each method of freezing have been good, and every owner understands how best to choose. However, it should be noted that green beans are the most sticks at the peak of its maturation. If the stems become overripe, they will have little vitamins and minerals. In addition, the asparagus will be very hard.

Advice 4: Salad of asparagus and Korean carrot

Delicious appetizer salad with carrots in Korean and asparagus will surprise you with its simplicity and interesting taste. Korean carrot itself is very tasty, and the asparagus and lemon juice complement it. Appetizer dressed with vegetable oil.
Salad of asparagus and Korean carrot
You will need
  • - 300 g asparagus;
  • - 200 g Korean carrot;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - half lemon;
  • - salt to taste.
Wash green beans, remove the tails, cut into two or three parts. If you think frozen beans, then it can be pre-not even to defrost.
Boil in a saucepan the water, dip into it the prepared beans, bring to a boil. Then cook for another 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Longer boil, otherwise it will discolor.
Fold the finished beans in a colander, rinse with ice water is required to ensure that it has not lost its green color.
From a half of lemon squeeze the juice, sprinkle them with beans. Mix beans with carrots in Korean.
The sunflower salad to taste - this may not be necessary, since carrots are usually sold salted and spicy. Season the finished salad with asparagus and Korean carrot with vegetable oil. A day later, it does not lose its flavor, but on the contrary, becomes richer.

Advice 5: How to cook green beans

Yardlong bean is not as common among the rich world of vegetables, so many Housewives simply do not know what dishes with it healthy and delicious. To prepare it, does not require special skills and recipes of bean can be varied.
How to cook green beans
You will need
    • Green beans,
    • sour cream,
    • eggs,
    • cheese
    • bell pepper,
    • onion,
    • corn,
    • peas,
    • vegetable oil,
    • salt
You can often see the recommendation to boil the green beans for 5-7 minutes before further cooking. In practice, if the beans are soft, it does not require boiling. The easiest version of how to cook green beans is to stew it in a cream sauce. For this the beans should be rinsed thoroughly, trim the stalks and chop into small pieces with a length of 3-4 cm is Not forbidden to extinguish the pods entirely, but it is not too convenient in cooking and food. Beans are filled with cream, diluted with water, salted and boiled for 20 minutes. An indication of the willingness of beans is enough softness.
Also the green beans, cooking recipes which are varied, can be used for cooking omelets. To do this, the beans are boiled, fried in a pan in vegetable oil, then poured the eggs, whipped to a smooth consistency. The dish is rich in folic acid, preparing a total of 12-15 minutes. Before turning off the burner you can sprinkle omelet with grated cheese to the top has formed a Golden crust.
Green beans can be used for making vegetable stew. It combines perfectly with the bell pepper, corn, green peas and onions. Stew vegetables on a low heat for 30 minutes. In addition to the vegetable oil in a pot and added a small amount of water, through which veggies are more steamed and juicy.
The key to success in cooking beans is not only the recipes. You should be able to choose the green beans. If the pods are very thick, dried, yellowish, and through the walls of the pod is translucent, large beans, there could be no cooking. To the beans have turned soft, you need to buy young soft beans bright green color.
Useful advice
For any recipes you can use as fresh green beans, and frozen. In the softness of the latter there is no doubt and it is much faster.
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