You will need
    • 10 l remaining after making wine berries (grape pomace),
    • 30 liters of water
    • 100 grams of yeast,
    • 5 kg of sugar.
Chacha is better to prepare from berries, and more specifically, the grape pomace that is left after making wine at home. For this, 10 litres remaining grape pomace is necessary to put in a barrel or a large glass bottle.
Next, you should add 5 pounds of sugar, 100 grams of yeast and pour pre-boiled and cooled with water to 30 liters. Then cover and put in a dark place for 1-2 weeks, stirring periodically, about once in two days.
Next you need to put the straw on the bottom of the moonshine still in order to not burn the cake. The device should pour out all the liquid along with the cake and overtake. But such Chachi get a very specific smell, which can appeal to many.
Therefore, a distilled chacha, previously separated liquid fraction from the cake by distillation odor will not be present in this strong drink.
Next, the resulting chacha to drain into the bottle and add a small amount of webbed walnut, infuse for 1-2 months. Then again overtake through the distillery and bottling. Will chacha fortress around 46 degrees.