The first step is to select quality raw materials for the future of jam, then eat apples. They should be fresh and firm, without damage and the presence of putrid lesions (affected areas should be thoroughly and deeply cut). Take cooked and thoroughly washed apples, remove the core with a special circular knife which divides the fruit into eight shares and remove middle part with seeds. In the absence of such devices, you can do it with a regular knife.

Prepared apples cut into small pieces and put in a bowl, add the water at the rate of half litre per kilogram of fruit. Cover pot and place on low heat. When the apples become soft, about half an hour (depending on apples), remove the pan from the heat and wipe the fruits with a pestle through a colander or sieve, you can skip the apples through a meat grinder.

Received Apple mass transfer to a bowl with a wide bottom (the more the surface moisture evaporation, the faster the cooking process). Cook the mass over low heat, constantly stir with a wooden spoon, so you can avoid burning, spoiling the color and taste of Apple Goodies. There is no definite answer how much you need to cook the jam. But it is noticed, the less cooking time, the lighter and tastier the jam is then ready.

Towards the end of cooking Apple pulp add the sugar, this will ensure a quick evaporation of water. One kg of apples are required to take eight grams of sugar. If you want a thicker jam consistency, sugar should put a little less. But remember, the less sugar jam or jam, the longer it should cook.

Cooked jam hot place in a pre-sterilized jars. Leave the jam to cool before the advent of dense films on the surface, it will prevent the fermentation process during storage. If the film is not formed, place the jar with jam in the preheated oven and lightly dry jam. Let the product cool down and close the banks, put in a cool dark place for storage.