You will need
    • the required amount of carrot;
    • water;
    • salt;
    • pan;
    • a vegetable brush;
    • spoon;
    • a knife or fork.
To begin, select a good solid carrotwhere there are no cracks and black spots. Vegetables should be bright in color, smooth, flat and preferably of the same size.
Take the required amount of carrots and wash well in cool running water. Then carefully scrub with vegetable brush and rinse. Clean roots is undesirable. It is also desirable to cut the large carrots before cooking. After all, when a vegetable is crushed, its surface area of contact with water is greatly increased. As a result, most of the nutrients (falcarinol, natural sugar, etc.) are washed away and remains in the pot.
Put carrots in a saucepan with salted boiling water. The amount of water, measure in advance. She has quite a bit to cover the vegetables (about 1 finger). Cover and put on the stove on the high heat.
Wait for the moment when the water comes to a boil, and reduce heat to minimum. Then remove the lid and start stirring regularly. This is necessary to ensure that the carrots do not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Cook the vegetables for 20-25 minutes. Do not forget from time to time to check their readiness. To do this, use a fork or knife. If the knife (fork) is a root vegetable easily, so he is ready. Try to cook the carrots so that it remains slightly firm in the middle. After all, the cooked vegetable is not fit for salad.
Drain all the water out of the pan with the carrotsand let the vegetables cool down.