Mechanical method of removing

To remove word 2010 from your computer either mechanically or manually. The word mechanical implies using special software designed to remove. These include:

1. Vordovsky Uninstaller that is installed with the program. You can find it in the same folder where the ward. Open the folder, run the file "Unistall.exe". Most often it is at the bottom. Once run, a window will appear. Click "Next" to start the uninstallation.
Uninstaller can also be found in the "start"button.

2. Special apps installed by the user. They provide the ability to select a group of programs and their gradual removal. That is to say, reduce the time and amount of work. Don't have to open different folders and search for files on your hard disk. Simply put a tick and click Delete. Minus these applications is that most of them are in English, some even require entering the license key, which is quite laborious to find on the Internet for free. And download the trial version is a waste of his patience. But this type of Uninstaller helps not just uninstall and erase all mention of it in the registry.

3. A standard that existed on the computer up since you install the operating system. Log in to the control panel, "Programs and features" on Windows XP - "add or remove programs", select the file "Microsoft Office 2010" and click "Remove".
If you want to remove only word, instead of the whole office will only select "Microsoft Word 2010".

Manual method

Manual method implies the removal of the program without using a third party app, quite effective, but takes a little more time. To use this method, go to "My computer", local drive where you installed word, highlight the folder with the program. If you want to completely remove it from system, using the left mouse button and the Shift key, press delete. Easily transfer folders to the recycle bin, deletes it, but leaves on the hard disk, with the possibility of subsequent recovery. Removing a program in this way, the user puts the computer on the occurrence of system errors as part of remote programs still in the registry. The function of the registry cleaner possess some system utilities. They help to eliminate some malfunctions in the system and to get rid of unnecessary "stuff" on the hard disk, once again without informing the user.