For dinner in the cafe usually meets the company that something says or does, he invites his chosen date. You can order a menu selection the man from the restaurant, but it is better to do it yourself. Not to be trapped, you need to understand exactly how to set up a menu for a dinner in a cafe.
First and foremost, you need to consider the availability of snacks, because they serve as a prelude to the main course, help to overcome the feeling of hunger while preparing meat or fish. As a snack suitable light salads ( an example is "Caesar" and "Greek"). Some restaurants offer to taste the rolls, cheese, vegetables and other ingredients, tartlets with various fillings, sandwiches with salmon and red caviar, herring with potatoes. If in the company of people with different eating habits, it is best for starters to choose a variety of meats: vegetable, meat, pickled and spicy foods. In this case, everyone can choose their favorite option. Along with a snack is usually served with a drink, it can be water with lemon, mint, ice, berry juice.
After the cold starters we can offer hot: spring rolls, julienne with mushrooms, chicken, seafood. Portions should be small, so that they could not be fully satisfied.
After the appetizers are served hot main dish. It can be served a La carte, each guest separately. The possible option of serving hot meals in the dish in which it was cooked in the roaster, deep fry pan, pot. For poultry, meat, fish require a garnish, which is selected depending on the main course. Do not forget the sauces and bread which some used with pleasure. Alcoholic beverages are served along with the main course. If it's a romantic date, appropriate wine, champagne. Bottle served in a Cup with ice to drink always chilled.
Dessert – a very pleasant part of the festive dinner. It can be easy: baked apples with walnut-honey filling, fruit baskets, jelly. Those who have left the forces, we can offer airy pancakes with cream, waffles, slices of pie or cake. A very popular dessert is considered ice cream, which is served in addition to Apple pies, or mixed with fruit, berries, syrup. For dessert you should order tea: black, herbal, green. Don't forget about the sugar, because some are such a sweet tooth.