Before we talk about how best to prepare russulas, it is important to remember that these mushrooms are very fragile. They even are harvested with difficulty, because they are brittle and basket to bring them home in one piece is hard enough. But if you have the opportunity to get a couple of baskets of good NHL season, take advantage of this opportunity necessarily.

Specific recipes for making this type of fungi is not. They are not suitable for soup, and dry them also undesirable. Very often, the mushrooms caught the acrid (sharp taste), so before you cook Russula they need a good soak. In other matters, these mushrooms not covered no restrictions – you have full freedom of action and fantasy, where you can use these mushrooms.

Very tasty they are combined with potatoes. The simplest recipe of Russula following:

• take required quantity of mushrooms – 500 g or more

• put water on the gas

• throw them in boiling water for 5-10 minutes

• then recline them in a colander

• put the pan, pour sunflower oil fry the potatoes and then cut back the onion

• put the mushrooms in the pan, stir and fry to desired consistency.

It fried better than others Russula mushrooms are suitable for boiled potatoes. They can also interfere with the fried potatoes, add to porridge, to make salads.

But you can still pickle Russula. Salted Russula, as the mushroom platter – a great delicacy.