You will need
    • fresh apricots;
    • lemon juice;
    • cotton swabs with grey.
For drying it is better to choose slightly unripe apricots. Dry them in the oven or in the sun.
Apricots can be dried with pits (apricots) and without (dried apricots).
Before drying apricots with pits they just should be well washed in warm water.
To dry apricots are pitted, they need to be cut in half, remove seeds and quickly put in water, acidulated with lemon juice to air they turn dark. When all the fruits are cooked, they must be removed from the solution and let them drain well.
To apricots during drying is not darkened, they should be sulphured. The grill with the prepared fruit needs to be put in a box in it to set fire to cotton swabs with grey. The fumigation lasts about 3 hours. 1 kilo of fruit you will need 2 grams of sulfur.
For drying in the oven, on the grill, lay a clean cotton cloth, put the apricots in a single layer. If a lot of fruits, you can use multiple grids. The oven temperature should be 65 - 70 degrees. To the apricots evenly dried, they must from time to time to turn. When the fruit dries out a bit, they should be pass on to the baking tray lined with paper. Stop drying when the fruit becomes elastic, dry and, when pressed, will not extract the juice. The cooking time of dried apricots is approximately 11 - 12 hours.
To dry apricots in the sun, they must first hold a few hours in the shade on the breeze, and then stand in the sun. Processed apricots should be put on wooden or slatted base and let dry for 6-7 days.
The fruits of apricots is still possible to dry this way - strung them on a thick thread and hang in a well ventilated area in hot weather. It is impossible to prevent contact with the fruits to direct sunlight. In this way , the apricots must be dried for several weeks.