Remember that training in military school lasts 3 years. To enroll in citizens over the age of 15 years and who have graduated from the 8 classes of secondary school, have the direction of personnel of internal troops of the interior Ministry or other body, fit state of health and meet the requirements of professional selection. To see all eligibility requirements, download on the website of the military school ( instruction on the organization of reception of students.

Military schools are in many Russian cities, so do not rush to send their child to Moscow. Consider what will be best for him.

Start by writing a report (statement) for admission to the College and submit it to the admissions office in the period from 15 April to 15 may. Because your son is an adult, you become its legal representative and will conduct all negotiations with the selection Committee.

The statement write to the head of the internal Affairs body in your region. Private matter of the candidate for admission will be created in the period from 15 April to 1 June. In the personal file should also contain a personal statement who wants to learn, copies of documents, extracts from the educational institution and characteristics of the candidate, photographs, medical records and, if applicable, the documents for the provision of benefits.

It now remains only to pass the entrance exam, and on successful result, your son will be a student of the military school. Prepare your child to pass the following exams: test on mathematics, Russian and foreign languages; a test to determine psychological readiness and physical tests. If the school or the lycée, your child studied a foreign language, he will be given preference.

Admission to the school of Ministry will open up your child's prospects for personal growth and self-development. The structure of classes and disciplines designed to harmoniously develop the personality of man, making it resistant, hardy, well-versed in the law.