To get to the DAEC (Department for combating economic crimes) you need to obtain at least secondary education. Not necessarily legal, economic, technical allowed. For senior positions you will need a diploma of higher legal or economic education.
While studying try to study and pass the practice in the offices of the Department, be familiar with the structure of the Agency from the inside. Typically, employees work with applications of citizens initiate criminal proceedings under various articles of the criminal code, constantly traveling and spend check so that it will be informative. You can get positive characteristics and subsequently come back to work.
Ask relatives, ask friends about vacancies in DAEC may be, they have connections and they can help you to get a job. If that doesn't work, you should contact the Dean's office at the place of study. Maybe they have a list of organizations that require staff.
You can contact the human resources Department, economic crime Department and ask for a list of documents needed when applying for a job. If you arrange them as a future candidate for the vacant positions, even in their absence at the time of application, you will be given a list and later will be included in the reserve.
You will need a diploma of graduation from educational institution, copy of passport pages of marital status, residency, indicating your personal data. You'll need to visit conventionalise and mental hospital, to get help about the absence of registration, the same document need and lack of criminal record have you and your relatives. It is also necessary to undergo a medical examination, you must also register to take a special test, which takes place at the main office of the interior Ministry. Each subject is a separate organization, there are psychologists who conducted a long interview with each candidate, and then draw conclusions about the compliance of a particular post. Procedure lasts about 8 hours for 2 days. Directed questions on logical perception and creative thinking.
You should take photos in the amount of four pieces of a certain format, it is necessary for pasting in personal business and identity. In addition, the personnel Department will issue a personal matter, which will contain all personal details, work experience if any, attached copies of documents. To it is attached an inventory, in case of change or Supplement of information, the document is edited.
Start your job search since graduation. The diploma must be confirmed every three years, otherwise it becomes invalid. Keep in mind that the checking information specified by you in the application or attached documents can last for 6 months.
You may be asked to provide a certificate from the local police station, information from the study (characteristics) to interview neighbors. The personnel Department verifies all candidates for vacant positions, regardless of their experience, education and age.