Go to one of the military institutes of internal troops of the interior Ministry. Such institutions are, for example, in Novosibirsk, Perm, St. Petersburg. However, before you enroll in this University, is required to study for 4 years in one of the military schools (preferably airborne, or similar). In addition, you must pass the entrance exams, and demonstrate excellent physical training. However, after graduation you can apply immediately to the officer's position in one of the spetsnaz units.
If you are after the end of military service he served under contract in the special forces you can recommend your the commander (chief) in that case, if you showed high results in military and physical training. But it must be in good standing with the authorities and, choosing the moment to announce his desire to get into special forces.
If you have a discharge (not below the first adult) by wrestling, shooting, athletics or have a high Dan in martial arts, then it is possible that even with the passage of urgent service to you draw the attention of the members of the special commissions. Such committees from various special forces units from time to time visit the conscripts in order to assess their level of combat and physical training. If you are lucky or do you show them the highest levels of availability for service in the special forces, they will take you on the note.
When entering the special forces of internal troops you will need to submit a detailed questionnaire concerning not only you but also all your close and distant relatives and friends. They should not have problems with the law. In addition, you will need to be tested on a lie detector. Prepare to pass the standards for combat and physical training.
Please note: each year the conditions for admission to the special forces of internal troops of the interior Ministry tightened. Therefore, please check requirements for those who want to enlist in the special forces.