As a rule, the seminars, the students dismantled the lecture material and ask questions in areas that they find most difficult to understand and memorize. Moreover, in many schools good work in seminars can play for the student in good stead. For example, if a student for the entire six months of training before the session were diligent, the teacher may excuse him from the exam.

Therefore, seminars are highly valued by both teachers and students. However, the work in workshops is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Because home preparation for such lessons is required to obtain the approval of the teacher and to actively participate in the lesson. Not every student has the strength, desire and opportunity to prepare for it properly. As a rule, in each group there is a percentage of students who unquestioningly go to the exam on the taught discipline.

Seminars is not only an opportunity to show himself to the teacher with the best hand. It is also an opportunity to discover new scientific world, and to learn something new about the subject studied. In addition, the workshops are necessary for teachers. After all, they also need to improve the efficiency of memorizing students, and to fulfil its main goal is to teach students the subject as much as possible, so the students could learn the necessary knowledge that will help them in the future for the profession.

At the present time there are a large number of auxiliary training programs that serve as annexes to the main lectures and seminars. However, such helper applications cannot replace the fullness of seminars, which are fundamental techniques in the learning process.

Seminars cannot be excluded from the current programme of higher education, because without these exercises the academic performance of students is likely to fall to quite a low bar. Therefore, to avoid low levels of this kind of classes are necessary for the cultivation of highly qualified personnel.

Workshops along with lectures are the Foundation of higher education in the Russian Federation and are the key to success in teaching.