Office will also need a stand made of metal, which with the help of magnets you can attach notes and reminders. As usual, the magnetic office boards are common in classrooms and conference halls. The device is quite convenient, because you can easily secure all the necessary materials, using ordinary magnets.

Boards with glass based, unlike wood, often occurring in the classroom, less perishable and do not require regular painting. And markers to write nicer than chalk, everything else is also easily soiled enough. Erase the inscription of the marker in two ways, depending on its composition. The water-based markers can be easily erased with a simple sponge or cloth, and those made on the basis of alcohol, wiped with a sponge impregnated with a special compound.

Make a magnetic Board for the audience is actually easy. This would require the sheet metal of the required format and wooden frame. All of this is in any building supermarket. So if you have free time there is the opportunity to save your money.

Glass Board is also simple. Purchased a sheet glass substrate under it (preferably not white, so the Board will be much less pale). Glass substrate and staples and turn a plastic or wooden frame. It remains only to attach the fixture and nail a Board to the wall in the right place.

In the same places where you need a portable Board, you can buy an easel. Such devices are artists, why not take their example. The surface of the easel, you can close the window to use the handle or close a metal plate to attach magnets on sheets of paper. Also the wood will do the job, only strengthen the sheets will need buttons, but it spoils as paper and material.

So stop to use a variety of leaves for your records and to explain lectures and seminars "on the fingers" due to the inability to post materials or draw a schematic.