You will need
  • - certificate of complete secondary education;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of unified state exam;
  • - medical certificate;
  • photography.
Decide what specialty you want to get. Basically, in the universities of the Ministry of interior trained professionals to work in the structure - lawyers of different profiles of experts of forensic medicine, specialists in criminology. But in some institutes you can get a "civil" profession, like becoming a psychologist, economist or a programmer.
Select the University you want to enroll. To do this, find information about different universities. This can be done by buying the "student's Guide" in one of the bookstores in your city or over the Internet. For example, the directory of educational institutions of the interior Ministry is on the site Edunetwork. In this case, you will be able to go to the website of the institution, to refer to students in training programs, list of specializations, rules of admission.
Finding the right school, prepare for arrival. Find out what subjects you need to pass in the exam. Their list may differ depending on the University, even for the same specialty. Hand over the exam to the highest possible results. In the eleventh grade participate in the Olympiads on the subjects taught. Victory in one of them may facilitate your admission to the University.
If you have the opportunity, enroll in preparatory courses at the University. This is a chance not only to improve their knowledge before exams, but also meet teachers and future classmates. To understand, whether correctly you chose a school.
Collect the documents for admission. In addition to passports and passport, you will need to present the certificate of passing the exam on the required items. Get the clinic a certificate of health.
In June, come to the admissions office with all documents. Write an application for admission. In some cases, depending on the specific University you need to apply not to the University itself, and to the authority of the Ministry of interior at the place of registration involved in the selection of applicants.

Some universities are additional to the exam exams, for example, verification of physical training. Give them successfully. On admission to the University you will be able to learn from the order, which will be published in selection Committee in August.