For admission in educational institutions of Ministry of internal Affairs must have not only a high passing scores on the required disciplines, but also in good physical condition and spotless biography. Therefore, the package of documents provided by the applicant of the admissions Committee must contain a high school diploma, references from previous places of study, a certificate from the district police Department. The latter document confirms that the prospective student is not registered in law enforcement. And help desirable to order for the educational institution, and not in place.

Great value when applying to Universities, the Ministry of internal Affairs also have documents (certificates, diplomas) victory in the Olympic games, the Olympics and other competitions. A few months before enrolling, you must know the standards for physical fitness and to begin to prepare for their surrender. In parallel, the need to start preparing for the entrance exams. To do this, the entrant needs to choose a future specialization. A set of entrance tests depends on the Department. Russian language is a compulsory exam, but the history of Russia and social science shall be in accordance with the selected Department. Educational institutions of the Ministry of internal Affairs accepted the results of the exam.

In addition to the physical training and the entrance examinations the applicant will have to pass a psychological screening, which will determine the professional suitability of the student for service in the Ministry of interior. The purpose of this screening is to identify persons prone to violence and aggression and to eliminate them at the initial stage.

And at the stage of medical examination the Commission conducts a survey of all applicants to determine fit whether the applicant for the service in the interior Ministry. In addition to the evaluation of health status examine all applicants regarding the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.