Report to the UNIVERSITY (MADI) personally examine carefully all the stands for the entrants. Review the fields and select the appropriate one for you.
Write application for admission in MADI. The statement written on the sample and on a special form issued by the admission Committee directly at the University. It lists your name, contact details, speciality on which you would like to be credited, date and signature.
Take a written statement, passport and a photocopy of the relevant pages, the document on secondary education and its photocopy, 6 photos of the established sample (3x4), military ID (for boys) and the extract from the labor book (if you have work experience). With all to assure copies of documents notarized not required. If the documents are in English, German or other languages, you must provide in addition to the originals, their translation certified by a notary.
Submit your documents along with the application to the admissions office. Remember, documents are only accepted all at once, and only from the hands of the applicants. Will get the admission fee receipt and a leaflet "Advice to applicant" which contains all the necessary information about entrance exams and pre-exam consultations.
Read the memo.
Report to the specified period for consultations and, respectively, on the examinations referred to in the memo of the audience, at the appointed time. You should know that the selection Committee personally invites no one and does not cause, in case you forgot or didn't notice the date and time in the memo, you simply will not be credited. When appearing at the exam you must have a passport and a receipt issued by the admissions and examination paper, which will be available on site.
Hand in your exams. All the exams in MADI (Russian language, mathematics, physics) shall be in writing, the results of their verification, you will be able to find out how many points are scored and respectively enrolled in the UNIVERSITY for a specified specialty or not. It is important to know that the entrance exams at MADI are available only in Russian language. The results of the inquiry within the stipulated time after each delivery.
Attention! Those applicants who have received a failing grade on a particular exam, to further surrender are not allowed.
If you graduated after 2009, enrollment in a particular degree MADI is done by exam and providing its results along with the above documents to the admissions office.
Without providing the results of the exam can come, all who graduated from high school after January 1, 2009, those who graduated prior to admission to the UNIVERSITY secondary school, as well as those who enter the short form of learning, graduate, undergraduate or a second degree.