Where do you start? The answer to this question will not surprise you. As in any business, you should start with the basics. First, follow simple rules of drawing. Start with primitive three-dimensional shapes, paying attention to perspective, location, light and shadow.

You in any case should not rush forward without a base of support. If you want to draw a portrait, study facial structure, learn how to draw the eye and convey facial expressions. If you want to draw the characters from the comics, then examine the laws by which they are created.

Don't grab for everything. If you like to draw people, model their image. It is important to focus on one thing. When you master the first, try the second, then the third and so on.

And after you will be able to confidently use a pencil, move on to working with color. Here again, is to study the theory. This knowledge will help when choosing color palettes, creating the necessary shade.

Then you can safely select the art tool you will use. Find what you like. Fortunately, the range on the market today is very large: the various paints and pencils, pastels, ink and many other tools. Gradually get to know their different types.

Of course, the most important part of your training will be practice. Draw as much as possible. The more pictures you create, the more experience you get. If you really want to learn, exercise daily, in a free moment take the time to get the album.

Their work is also to criticize from the outside. Your parents in this case would not fit. Better to show the picture to friends or ask for opinions on different forums on the Internet. Another look will let you see your mistakes and correct them.

These little rules will help you in your endeavors. Never be discouraged, don't give up hope if you have something does not work. Don't forget, what purpose took up the work. Whether you want just to relax from the gray routine or are keen in the artists, believe in yourself, and you will surely achieve success.