Advice 1: How to get a girl to work in the police

Before settling on the police force, it is necessary to think over his decision and only after that to start searching vacancies. But a desire is not enough, you need to make sure you have the appropriate education, good health and excellent reputation.
How to get a girl to work in the police
Please contact the personnel Department of the district police Department, this is where you will be able to tell about job vacancies.
If you have a law degree, then search for vacancies much easier. With this formation you can serve as an inquiry officer, investigator, sometimes even operative. You can also get the interior Ministry in the presence of teacher education in the juvenile division.
In the case of a positive response in the human resources Department, should be required to pass a medical examination and the psychologist who will offer to solve some psychological problems, the total number of questions of which reaches 600. If you are not able to go to any doctor the first time, try to cure the disease and pass it again. Most importantly, there were no significant contraindications or serious diseases.
Until you pass a medical examination, employees of the personnel Department to check your bio, and it does not depend on the proposed positions. Studied not only the individual, but also all the relatives. When revealing the previous convictions, at least one close relative, you will not be able to serve in the police.
If the medical Commission is passed successfully, the further you are drawn to the police as a trainee for a probationary period of 6 months. You will fix the mentor – the most experienced police officer. After you have passed the internship period, wait to be told about the appointment and about assignment of special ranks.
Of course, the woman to enter the service much more difficult than a man, but if you have the desire and some training, it is an achievable goal.
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The probationary period can be shortened to 3 months if you zarekomenduete himself as a responsible and competent person.

Advice 2 : How to go to school MIA

In schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs take, as a rule, healthy young men who successfully completed the 9th grade of secondary school and wish in the future to serve in the bodies of internal Affairs. However, happiness can try and women if the desire to become a policeman much.
How to go to school MIA
Before June 1, apply to the admissions office of your chosen school police with a request to accept you for training. The statement write to the head of school and be sure to confirm the consent of your parents on your admission into this school. Your application will be forwarded to the personnel office of the territorial bodies of internal Affairs. There your own business will be designed in accordance with the requirements of the order of the Ministry of interior, will study and send a response, which recommend you for admission or deny you it.
In advance (the sooner the better) start physical exercise. If you are a young man, run over a distance of 100 and 1000 meters at a time, pull at least 5 times on the high bar. If you are a girl, run over a distance of 100 and 1000 meters at a time and do strength exercises.
Check the level of his intellectual development, performing special tests on-line, and you have to understand how to look these tests. The selection of candidates in school of the Ministry of interior involves psychological testing of this kind.
Make your doctor hospital General blood and urine tests, a blood test for HIV and Wasserman, an electrocardiogram with a load and chest x-rays. Take the extract from the patient card for the last 5 years and information made to you about vaccinations.
Go pay a medical examination, which is held in June in strictly certain days in the school and the police. Show them all the medical documents from the doctor and the test results.
Practice in writing summaries that repeat the rules of the Russian language. Identify competent and detailed answer to the question of why you made the choice in favor of the schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This question will likely be performed at the interview. To avoid pauses and uncertain answers, think about it in advance.
Prepare for exams which involves the chosen faculty. Most likely, you will have to pass the common law and the history of Russia. No fluff, no pen!

Advice 3 : What education is needed to work in the police

Today in the organs of the police there is an acute shortage of staff. In this regard, the procedure of reception of citizens into the ranks of the interior Ministry, wishing to enlist as a rank and file police officers and rank of the officer has changed.

General requirements in relation to the ordinary police

A citizen who wishes to enter the service of the police must: have Russian citizenship, have no current and closed criminal records, be of working age, have excellent health and maintain a positive moral lifestyle.

If a few years ago, for males, military service was a requirement, now, gave you the duty to the Motherland or not, does not matter. The availability of complete secondary education is necessary.

For those wishing to enlist in the officer corps, there are special requirements.

Special requirements in relation to officers

For the police service in the officer rank must higher education. It is possible to obtain, already working with the police in the rank of private. All officers are given the opportunity to study on a budgetary basis at one of the many branches and foreign Affairs Institute, at the correspondence Department. Well, if you have a desire to move up the career ladder, there is the possibility of obtaining second higher education, but only on a commercial basis, albeit at quite reasonable prices. As before, the service received the military officers in the rank that they had when serving in the army, as an army rank cannot be undone.

Changes in connection with new reform

Recent reform has expanded the boundaries of education in order to get a job in the armed forces. Now police officers can become any citizen having a specialized diploma civil University of the Russian Federation.

To be an investigator, as always, be sure to have a law degree, but for the inspector on Affairs of minors previously required two degrees - in law and education, now required only the presence of the diploma of the pedagogical University. Also, when applying for a job you may be required some experience. Therefore, it is desirable when studying at the University to complete the internship in the police Department in which you wish to work on and show their best side. After employment, you expect a 6-month internship and pillar College, so that the lack of seniority, subject to the successful passage of practice I can close my eyes.
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