Advice 1: How to get a girl to work in the police

Before settling on the police force, it is necessary to think over his decision and only after that to start searching vacancies. But a desire is not enough, you need to make sure you have the appropriate education, good health and excellent reputation.
How to get a girl to work in the police
Please contact the personnel Department of the district police Department, this is where you will be able to tell about job vacancies.
If you have a law degree, then search for vacancies much easier. With this formation you can serve as an inquiry officer, investigator, sometimes even operative. You can also get the interior Ministry in the presence of teacher education in the juvenile division.
In the case of a positive response in the human resources Department, should be required to pass a medical examination and the psychologist who will offer to solve some psychological problems, the total number of questions of which reaches 600. If you are not able to go to any doctor the first time, try to cure the disease and pass it again. Most importantly, there were no significant contraindications or serious diseases.
Until you pass a medical examination, employees of the personnel Department to check your bio, and it does not depend on the proposed positions. Studied not only the individual, but also all the relatives. When revealing the previous convictions, at least one close relative, you will not be able to serve in the police.
If the medical Commission is passed successfully, the further you are drawn to the police as a trainee for a probationary period of 6 months. You will fix the mentor – the most experienced police officer. After you have passed the internship period, wait to be told about the appointment and about assignment of special ranks.
Of course, the woman to enter the service much more difficult than a man, but if you have the desire and some training, it is an achievable goal.
Useful advice
The probationary period can be shortened to 3 months if you zarekomenduete himself as a responsible and competent person.

Advice 2: How to get a job in the police

If you want to join the police, be prepared for some difficulties. But the police work the same ordinary people like us. Therefore likely to get there in good physical and mental health you have enough.
To get a job in the police for some people - the highest honor
Go straight to the HR Department, inquire there, do you have a vacancy. Most likely, the job will really be. Then you can move on. By the way, if you have a legal education, will support you in the personnel Department, and further the process of adoption in valorous ranks of the police will be faster. If legal education is not, rely only on his desire.
You most likely will be offered the position of investigator or inspector on Affairs of minors. It's not sugar, but at first can't be choosers. Why settle for what is offered.
Then you have come the medical. This is the most difficult and tedious part of the whole process. Doctors usually picky, rude, demanding inquiries especially. But that's okay. Be patient and radiate goodwill. If the first time does not have passed some of the doctors, ask and assure that you would pass in the near future. Otherwise, your medical record will close.
In the queue examined by a psychologist (SWC), which will give you the tests which requires a clear answer "correct" or "incorrect". You need to be very careful, as the issues can be a trick. After the psychologist you will be training. You for 3 months will be sent to the police school, will pay travel. When you successfully pass training, you will become a full-fledged police officer. A legal education will provide you with the rank of officer.

Advice 3: How to get MIA to work

The Ministry of internal Affairs or Ministry of interior (official short name) is a law enforcement Agency of state government created to ensure the safety of the individual and society, fight crime, protect civil rights and liberties.
How to get MIA to work
Long service in the MVD was regulated by the Law "About militia" and, accordingly, employees of the interior Ministry were police officers. Under the new Law "On police", adopted in February 2011 and entered into force on March 1, police officers that have passed extraordinary certification, will continue to service the police now. On the basis of the tasks entrusted to the bodies of internal Affairs, service in the Ministry of interior provides that the police have additional rights and responsibilities compared with ordinary citizens. In this regard, not everyone wishes to serve in the Ministry of interior may be employed. Position about service in bodies of internal Affairs provided the following requirements for persons wishing to serve in the militia (police): citizenship of the Russian Federation, legal capacity, no criminal record, not older than 35 and not younger than 18 years of age. Also, take into account personal, business and moral qualities of the candidate.
If you wish to serve in the interior Ministry, first write a statement for consideration of your documents, fill out the form, write an autobiography and submit to the personnel division. Also provide a passport, documents about education, work record (if available) and military ID. Application form, questionnaire and requirements to writing of the autobiography is given in the Order of the Ministry of interior No. 386 dated 19 may 2009.
If at this stage there were no barriers to your desire to serve in the militia (police), then in accordance with the direction issued by go through the military medical Commission, which will determine whether you are able for health reasons to serve in the Ministry of interior, and simultaneously pass the test in the center of psychophysiological diagnostics of professional suitability.
In the next stage, check the standards on physical fitness. Also, be prepared for the fact that in respect of candidates verification of the information specified in the application form and curriculum vitae, as well as checking the place of residence of relations with neighbors and the family to establish personal and moral qualities. So do not hide anything and the questions are answered truthfully.When all checks are successfully passed, sign a contract about the service, take the oath and serve the Law!

Advice 4: How to get a investigator

The investigator is an officer engaged in the investigation of crimes in accordance with the powers granted from the criminal case to the Prosecutor of the case along with the indictment.
How to get a investigator
Currently to get a job investigator can be in 4 departments: in the Investigative Committee of Russia, Federal security service, internal Affairs bodies and the Federal service for control over drug trafficking. Since the investigator has broad authority to prosecute criminal cases, then it has high standards and is given a special status.
For example, regardless of affiliation, the work in consequence is impossible without higher legal education. The investigator in any capacity unlike other employees are always assigned the rank of officer. For example, work in the interior Ministry or the Investigative Committee, the investigator gives the title of officer of justice, ranging from second Lieutenant and to the General's epaulettes.
For the post of investigator jobs in the Ministry of interior expects full capacity, age not more than 35 and not less than 18 years of age, has higher legal education received in educational institution having the state accreditation and license Russian citizenship and no criminal record.
If you meet these requirements and wish to get a job as an investigator in the interior Ministry, please visit the authority of the interior and submit an application for examination of the documents, write an autobiography and fill in the questionnaire on forms that will be given the human resources unit. Together with the above documents, please submit the passport, the diploma about the higher legal education, work record and military ID.
Then go the military medical Commission and physiological diagnosis, which will determine eligibility to work in the investigation.
If we get a positive conclusion military-the medical Commission of the center of psychophysiological diagnostics, then hand over specifications on physical preparation.
When all tests are passed and the validation activities completed, sign the service contract and take the oath of the employee of internal Affairs. From that moment, your job investigation, which will require daily application of all available forces and knowledge and continuous professional development in order to honorably serve the Law.

Advice 5: What education is needed to work in the police

Today in the organs of the police there is an acute shortage of staff. In this regard, the procedure of reception of citizens into the ranks of the interior Ministry, wishing to enlist as a rank and file police officers and rank of the officer has changed.

General requirements in relation to the ordinary police

A citizen who wishes to enter the service of the police must: have Russian citizenship, have no current and closed criminal records, be of working age, have excellent health and maintain a positive moral lifestyle.

If a few years ago, for males, military service was a requirement, now, gave you the duty to the Motherland or not, does not matter. The availability of complete secondary education is necessary.

For those wishing to enlist in the officer corps, there are special requirements.

Special requirements in relation to officers

For the police service in the officer rank must higher education. It is possible to obtain, already working with the police in the rank of private. All officers are given the opportunity to study on a budgetary basis at one of the many branches and foreign Affairs Institute, at the correspondence Department. Well, if you have a desire to move up the career ladder, there is the possibility of obtaining second higher education, but only on a commercial basis, albeit at quite reasonable prices. As before, the service received the military officers in the rank that they had when serving in the army, as an army rank cannot be undone.

Changes in connection with new reform

Recent reform has expanded the boundaries of education in order to get a job in the armed forces. Now police officers can become any citizen having a specialized diploma civil University of the Russian Federation.

To be an investigator, as always, be sure to have a law degree, but for the inspector on Affairs of minors previously required two degrees - in law and education, now required only the presence of the diploma of the pedagogical University. Also, when applying for a job you may be required some experience. Therefore, it is desirable when studying at the University to complete the internship in the police Department in which you wish to work on and show their best side. After employment, you expect a 6-month internship and pillar College, so that the lack of seniority, subject to the successful passage of practice I can close my eyes.

Advice 6: How to get a job the minors

Juveniles are often very difficult to get a job. This is due to the reluctance of the employer for children of working environment should be soft, and the normal salary. But there are great ways to employment of minors. And each method has its pros and cons that will help decide how to get a job.
How to find a job

So, there are at least 3 ways for an effective device to work. To understand which is right for you, you should understand all the advantages and disadvantages. But we must remember one important rule for all methods. Have the desire and patience, then everything will work out.

Method 1. Employment center

The most common and popular method - applying for a job through the employment center. The government is trying to support young people in finding work, knowing the difficulties of youth employment. For the formation on record in this institution need to come to the district to bring the necessary documents or their copies. They include: passport, SNILS, INN, credit card details, and other as needed. After that, when there is a suitable job, you have a call and you are with the inspector at the place of work for the device.

The advantages of the search through the employment centre that you enrol formally for work, get the work book, if it was not, enter the work experience, provide good working conditions, relevant legislation, and also pay a certain amount from the cents per day. But there are disadvantages. Provided the work is likely to be low-paid, because the work you will be enough.

Method 2. Independent search

You could get a job yourself, but you need to make some effort to be active and sociable. For Teens this kind of work is likely to be the distribution of leaflets, posting them, or work with "papers". Go to large enough shops, businesses and ask if they have a suitable job for you. Do not be discouraged if the first place you failed, most likely they just have frames, go to next, and you will definitely be lucky.

The advantages of such work is that wages will be more worthy than from employment center if you do not like, you will be able to escape it, or to agree on the work schedule. And now about the shortcomings. Such work mostly does not take formally, this means that experience you will not go and be careful, it is best to conclude with the employer fixed-term contract, not to be cheated and receive all of their earned and promised money.

Method 3. Sites for job search

This method is very simple and affordable. Go to the website (the most popular now are the HeadHunter, SuperJob, fill out a resume and wait for a call from an interested employer. Or send yourself a summary in any place of work and wait for a response from the company.

The pros is that you can choose for yourself a job that you like, look up reviews about it, just learn about salaries and available job openings. Only minus is that you have to go to the interview, and sometimes a long time to wait for a call or response. Also on websites you can just look for a job, i.e., you find the number in the place of work, call him and find out about job vacancies you are suitable, then go for an interview.


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