Please contact the personnel Department of the district police Department, this is where you will be able to tell about job vacancies.
If you have a law degree, then search for vacancies much easier. With this formation you can serve as an inquiry officer, investigator, sometimes even operative. You can also get the interior Ministry in the presence of teacher education in the juvenile division.
In the case of a positive response in the human resources Department, should be required to pass a medical examination and the psychologist who will offer to solve some psychological problems, the total number of questions of which reaches 600. If you are not able to go to any doctor the first time, try to cure the disease and pass it again. Most importantly, there were no significant contraindications or serious diseases.
Until you pass a medical examination, employees of the personnel Department to check your bio, and it does not depend on the proposed positions. Studied not only the individual, but also all the relatives. When revealing the previous convictions, at least one close relative, you will not be able to serve in the police.
If the medical Commission is passed successfully, the further you are drawn to the police as a trainee for a probationary period of 6 months. You will fix the mentor – the most experienced police officer. After you have passed the internship period, wait to be told about the appointment and about assignment of special ranks.
Of course, the woman to enter the service much more difficult than a man, but if you have the desire and some training, it is an achievable goal.