In order to become a cadet educational institutions of the Ministry of emergency situations in the first place, you need to provide the results of the Unified state exam in Russian language, mathematics, physics, social studies and physical training. The exact set of objects depends on the chosen specialty. Passing scores on each subject is determined annually, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of education and science and the Ministry of EMERCOM of Russia.
Together with the results of the exam to the admissions office of the institution applicants must provide a standard set of documents. This is a copy of the passport, the document on education (original or notarized copy), military ID or registration certificate, application for admission, application form, six photos size 3x4 cm. And also the certificate on passage of medical examination, without which it will not allow to passing the standards.
In the presence of the admissions Committee will need to take the exam for physical training. It includes sprint, pull-UPS, cross and integrated strength exercises. If the entrant enters in the correspondence Department, regulations to take from him will not require.