For admission see the statement, which lists the consent of the parents, the admissions office of the chosen educational institution or in personnel division of territorial body of internal Affairs, which will arrange your own business, carry out inspections.
Get a referral for the medical check. A medical examination takes place in June in the clinic by place of residence and in the military-medical commissions (OVK).
After successfully completing you a fee and the receipt of the decision of OVK on fitness for service of your own business send to school. Then followed the passage of the test for use of drugs, then you will be admitted to pass entrance tests.
Because of the specific profile of the institution the main exam is a test of your physical fitness. You need to perform the following exercises: run 100 meters pull-UPS for boys and complex power exercise for girls, the running endurance of 2000 meters men 1000 meters – girls.
Standards of execution for boys (excellent – good – fair): by the hundred (s) – 13,6; 14,2; 14,8; pull-UPS – 12; 10; 6; running endurance (min, sec) – 7,50; 8,10; 9,00.

Rules for girls: 100-m sprint – 16,5; 17,1; 17,5; on power exercise – 30; 26; 24; run 1000 meters to 4.25; 4,45; 5,00. The last exercise involves a combination of push UPS and exercises for abdominal muscles. "Excellent" is placed, if the results obtained 5,5,5, 5,5,4. You will get a good grade if you scored one of the combinations of points: 5,4,4; 4,4,4; 5,5,3; 5,4,3; 4,4,3. "Satisfactory is if you passed the standards for 3,3,3; 4,3,3; 5,3,3. If one of the exercises, you've got 2 points, will receive "Unsatisfactory".
In addition to physical preparation, you have exams in Russian language (in writing, in the form of dictation, writing, or writings) and the history of Russia (oral). Enrollment is the procedure of competitive selection of the results of all of tests passed.