Former investigators does not happen. This profession has a certain effect on people. So before you choose this way of life, think – and do you have necessary for such work? TV shows and movies they create around the profession of the investigator, a kind of halo of romance and mystery, which is actually not. This profession is full of dangers and difficulties, because on your shoulders will bear the brunt of operational-search measures to apprehend criminals and conduct a wide range of proceedings. The future investigator must have an analytical mind, perseverance, the ability not to bend under the weight of circumstances and hard work. Think about whether you need life full night shifts and overtime work?
To learn to be an investigator, you must obtain a legal education. There are several options to become a professional detective. First – attend regular faculty who have at any University. In the third year of study you will be asked to choose a specialization: civil, criminal, or constitutional law. It was on criminal specialization trains future investigators.
The second way to become an investigator to go to study at the Academy of the Prosecutor's office or the Institute of MIA of Russia. In these universities have specialized faculties, and graduates are usually at the end of the course is work in the investigation.
Regardless of what school you choose, the list of items, which seems to entrance exam, same everywhere. The University can satisfy the results of the school exam, or you may be asked to hand over relevant discipline again. This is Russian language, social studies and the history of Russia. Sometimes you want to pass the exam in English.