To dog training is a specialized education in College. For example, in Moscow region, specializing in "cynology" is preparing Dmitrov technical College and Construction College №38. Applicants must pass three tests - mathematics, Russian language and biology.Go to College as possible after the 9th and after the 11th grade. In the first case the training period is 3 years, 10 months, in the second case in less than a year.Practical training can take place on the basis of several nurseries (built in training Dmitrov Polytechnic College) or on your own puppy, which must be purchased for each student (this requirement applies to Construction College №38).
The handlers prepare and institutes. However, such specialty as "cynology" in Universities does not exist. But there is a direction of "Husbandry", where do the future dog handlers. To get a higher education in this specialty can, for example, in the Moscow State Academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology named. K. I. Skryabin, Russian state agrarian University. K. A. Timiryazev Russian state agrarian correspondence University.In the process of study at the University students study not only dogs but also other animals. Individual specialization "kinology" begins only from the third year.For admission to the specialty "Zootechny" you have to pass three exams - biology, chemistry and Russian language.
Enrolling in MVD or the FCS also be trained on the handler. As a rule, employees are sent on a semi-annual courses, where specialists for specific tasks. The training is highly specialized and not comparable with the College or University.