Before June 1, apply to the admissions office of your chosen school police with a request to accept you for training. The statement write to the head of school and be sure to confirm the consent of your parents on your admission into this school. Your application will be forwarded to the personnel office of the territorial bodies of internal Affairs. There your own business will be designed in accordance with the requirements of the order of the Ministry of interior, will study and send a response, which recommend you for admission or deny you it.
In advance (the sooner the better) start physical exercise. If you are a young man, run over a distance of 100 and 1000 meters at a time, pull at least 5 times on the high bar. If you are a girl, run over a distance of 100 and 1000 meters at a time and do strength exercises.
Check the level of his intellectual development, performing special tests on-line, and you have to understand how to look these tests. The selection of candidates in school of the Ministry of interior involves psychological testing of this kind.
Make your doctor hospital General blood and urine tests, a blood test for HIV and Wasserman, an electrocardiogram with a load and chest x-rays. Take the extract from the patient card for the last 5 years and information made to you about vaccinations.
Go pay a medical examination, which is held in June in strictly certain days in the school and the police. Show them all the medical documents from the doctor and the test results.
Practice in writing summaries that repeat the rules of the Russian language. Identify competent and detailed answer to the question of why you made the choice in favor of the schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This question will likely be performed at the interview. To avoid pauses and uncertain answers, think about it in advance.
Prepare for exams which involves the chosen faculty. Most likely, you will have to pass the common law and the history of Russia. No fluff, no pen!