Characteristics submission of documents

To start is to find out how many points are required to pass on your specialty of interest in the school. On applying for it, you should have 2-3 spare specialty and not necessarily in this University. The competitive basis of admission is everywhere, but in some places the applications are less. This may be your chance for the passage of the budget in a less prestigious institution.

There is nothing to worry. Of course, solid to study at MSU. But, for example, the chemistry faculty there and at other universities. Students stop mostly long distance from home, living in dormitory and lack of money to stay in another city. But if the main reason is that you are afraid to leave parents, then relax. Sooner or later, you will still leave, and it's better to happen sooner. School of independent life has not been canceled.

After school you become an adult and self-sufficient young people, to whom the open road in any educational institutions with sufficient number of points. If you studied well in school, then you probably will be lucky on the exam, and your knowledge will be enough for a high score.

Options of higher educational institutions

During examinations in foreign language skills and pass the test you can apply even in foreign universities. It's a different level of knowledge and a new stage in life, do not be afraid. Of course, you need to prepare to start early to go to my dream step by step.

If you are considering a regular educational institution as the goal, it is possible to apply to the Academy of the interior Ministry, the FSB, the emergencies Ministry, the military College and other institutions of public services. They are all very prestigious, but in addition to the exam require good health and physical shape. Here are their internal exams and checks pedigree, psychological tests are conducted and collected other data. Pass the competition in such a place is no easy task. But later you will get a prestigious job and the rank of officer.

After school before pupils open all the way, the main thing - correctly to dispose of their knowledge and not to deviate from our path. Education is the key to further successful life without the help of parents. It is very important not only because of the knowledge and brown. This is how growing up and becoming a man in life. Now you have no control, and the responsibility for decisions lies with you.