Admission is a rigorous selection of candidates, which must be prepare in advance.
First write to the head of the school of police a statement in which you state your desire to study here, and give it directly to the admissions Committee of the school. Parents in the statement must indicate that they agree. Further, the documents are sent to the personnel office located in the bodies of internal Affairs, where is made a private matter of the candidate that meets the requirements of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Then it is alleged a private matter of the candidate, after which the authorities can recommend you for admission or not.
The selection of candidates reveals their intellectual level by means of psychological testing, physical training in certain sports. Also, the school police in Novosibirsk conducts interviews of the candidate with faculty that test his knowledge in basic subjects, mainly the Humanities. Candidates are given a certain topic that they need to correctly record or in written form to present an excerpt of the text read.
In addition, you must pass the medical examination, the timing of the passage of which sets police high school, passage paid. For a fee you must have common blood test for Wasserman, checking blood for HIV infection, electrocardiogram, fluorography, statements for 5 years from the medical record, data about the available vaccinations.
To establish the intellectual level of development, the applicant is requested to take a test that includes questions taken from the program of Humanities secondary school. After passing the test you need to obtain their result, which indicates the number of points.