Well, are you ready to conquer the world with their knowledge of foreign? Offer you ten tips from polyglots who have gone through fire and water, and now I communicate with foreigners is not using Google translator. Look at these little tricks - you will see that language learning is not always boring.

1. If your goal is a normal social interaction, find a list of three hundred or five hundred most used words, like English. You very much will be surprised when you begin to understand a large amount of information, knowing only the words from this list.

And, with the proliferation of special applications, the task becomes not easier. There is a great variety of didactic cards (flashcards), such as Anki or Quizlet. Virtual cards can be "written" text, the exercise, it is necessary only to you. The system will prompt as better to study the words and will remind you about the need for training.

2. Don't forget about the mnemonics. The craftsmen of Ancient Greece once worked not in vain! Funny poems, poems with three forms of verbs, the picture is built on paradoxes - apply all your imagination. See: “sing” – sing in Singapore, “shoot” clown shoots or “trolley” trolley ride the trolley.

But if you are lazy, just go to services like Memrise or Zapominalki.

3. Cognates - words of common origin will save you. So, the romance languages have a large number of cognate, similar sounding words, as between themselves and in relation to the German group. Here to see the painfully familiar words is not difficult. And the need to remember them will disappear by itself.

4. Communicate. The girls, of course, will be easier. Is "Vkontakte" to put in the language "Spanish", as you will immediately fall in applications from Latin America. But look for specialized sites, to email to chat, ask someone to practice with you. And in exchange you can communicate with people in Russian. For you there are sites such as lang-8.com, myhappyplanet.com, Italki.com Yes and of course facebook

5. Surround yourself with the language. Even if you can't get Internet access there at all. Turn on the radio, watch foreign TV or try to read the news or your favorite magazines. Only lazy people looking for a reason to complain that they do not live among foreigners.

6. Save. The best language resources for free. You only need to spend a couple of hours on the network to select those that interest you. Duolingo, Babbel, Forvo, Lang-8, TED, etc.

7. Can be to learn the language in childhood easier, but it happens intuitively. The scientists were able to prove that adults much better than children oriented logic language rules. So don't be afraid to look stupid, trying to say something new.Get rid of your fear and you will see that it will go uphill.

8. Use withthe system of "smart" goals S. M. A. R. T. - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound – i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited goal. For example, to learn English at the Intermediate level for six months. Or more precisely: to learn 300 new words in three months, to write their story and go through half a textbook on grammar.

Setting accurate goals will spur you on more productive work. Never say: "I will exercise every day for 15 minutes." Put specific tasks.

9. Become a "native." Watch the video, learn facial expressions, body language, listen to the pronunciation. The faster you can imitate the native speaker, the more comfortable you will communicate with them – and they with you.

10. Be mistaken. Without mistakes there is no progress, and it is quite normal.Your main task – to convey to the interlocutor a sense of what you want to say. Don't be afraid to talk with native speakers in their language – if they understand you, they will smile and help, and you will become more confident.