Advice 1: What to do in a riot

Today, riot police used not only for football matches and rallies, but in all events. So for candidates in the detachment of special police impose strict requirements. It must be a male aged 18 to 35 years, past service in the military forces of the Russian Federation, education not below an average, having excellent characteristics of the army or of the former work, in perfect health, no criminal record and police. If you meet the above requirements, we have all chances to enter the riot.
What to do in a riot
First, contact the HR Department of your police Department and inquire about the entrance to the riot police. There you more accurately explain all the rules of admission to the service. Enrollment is on a voluntary or contractual basis and on different terms of service.
If you fit the criteria, the personnel Department issued direction to the medical Commission at the place of residence and the date of the exam course in physical training. The standard physical readiness of the candidate to serve in the OMON are: push-UPS the push-up position — 10 times the drill press to 10 times pull-UPS — 10 times, hand to hand combat in the PPE — 2 rounds of 2 minutes with one opponent.
Enter the ranks of the riot police is always on a competitive basis. The last stage of admission is the interview with the psychologist and the employee of the employment service. This conversation will allow you to know in detail your features of character, temperament and willingness to work. Should the Commission make a positive impression and don't be shy to tell all the most important aspects of life that are positively affected enrollment for service in the detachment of militia of special importance.

Advice 2: What to do in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow

If you decide to become a police officer, the Ministry of internal Affairs will give you this opportunity. What place you will occupy in the structure of the Moscow service of law enforcement, will depend on your desires and from education.
What to do in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow
The most common way to get into MIA – admission to special schools. In Moscow there is a School of militia (MSSM of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation), giving secondary special education and Moscow University of the interior Ministry. In the first case, you will receive the basic knowledge required for service in law enforcement for 4 years and finish school with the rank of Lieutenant. University graduates are trained for 5 years. Higher education can be obtained in several specialties:
• law
• law enforcement
• forensic examination
• accounting
Define their future profession and start preparing for the entrance exams. To pass, applicants will have Russian language and literature, writing, world history and social studies oral, physical training. For school we accept boys and girls.
If desired, enroll in preparatory courses at the University. This will help you to systematize school knowledge and to get used to study in the University.
Pass entrance tests and start learning.
If you have already graduated, but want to serve in the interior Ministry, please contact the human resources Department. Law enforcement agencies take on people without a police special education, if there is a diploma of an economist or a specialist in the field of transport. In this case, you will be directed to work in the Department on disclosure of economic crimes or traffic police.
If you have a excellent physical training, he served in the army and want to join the ranks of the guards of law and order, apply for the entry into force of Riot police and police special forces. Requirements: age up to 35 years old, excellent physical shape, education not lower than secondary special. You can also become a member of a platoon of protection and escort.
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