Please contact your local recruitment office, where you and your parents will tell you how to write a statement, and will have the necessary documents.Submit in time, the statement about parents desire their child to enroll in the school, which will also be agreed that the young man will continue training at the military College after graduation.Please include the following documents: copy of birth certificate, notarized; a statement of the young man who wants to do to the head of the University; the transcript of the student, certified by the seal of the school in which he studies; autobiography; General pedagogical characteristics with the signature of the class teacher and school Director; also stamped by the school report on the state of health verified by a special medical Commission, as well as on the suitability for admission to the Suvorov school student; copy of health insurance certificate, notarized; certificate from place of residence on family composition; references from their parents.
Submit documents confirming the right for preferential admission in this College.Make sure to get in the military free military permit travel document to the destination and back, if you live in another city.
Prepare for the exams after learning the date of the event.
Check for psychological and physical readiness to learn.
Specify passing grade for admission to College.Endure with dignity all the tests, and your efforts will be rewarded - you will be placed by order of the chief MSVU in Suvorovsky school.It is behind all trials and tribulations, and you finally became a cadet. With dignity carry this title and do not fail the expectations of your parents.