Sign up for an audition. To do this, 5 days before schoolm posted a list for self.
Audition. The day will be the audition, come early. This stage takes several days, so, missing some dates, you have the chance to try again. Applicants should read the fable, prose, poem. To let in the audience you will have 10 people to call turns in the center of the room. At this stage is eliminated a significant portion of applicants. The lucky ones who were lucky to get on round 1 should go to the website of the Institute and to find out when the next stage.
Subsequent rounds are much more complicated and harder listening. Most likely, future students will select the head of the course – master. It is important to all – the looks, the vocals, plasticity, charisma, voice. You will be asked to show off vocal skills and perform a dance.
In the later rounds, the students performed sketches on topics proposed by the Commission. Each stage is eliminated a large part coming from hundreds of entrants remain 15-20 people. Another important test is the interview. It makes sure that the General intellectual level of students, knowledge of theatre and literature. On the website Ashley posted a list of plays that need to read and determine which hero would you like to do.
At the end of each test the applicant exhibited the points plus with the points of unified state examination in Russian and literature. Scoring the maximum points is more likely to enter the Shchukin school. If you could not get there this year, don't worry. Avid students from year to year trying to get the list of students. And to do that – that's not all. After all, there are cases when, after the first session, dismissed as incompetent. So, if you aim to become an actor, have to give our best.
At the Shchukin school has a 2-month course, where you will be trained in acting, gesture and voice and repertoire.