Submit a report to the commander of military unit no less than 6 months before the start of qualifying tests. Enter your data name of educational institution of the interior Ministry, the faculty and the specialty on which you wish to study.
Submit the required documents:• curriculum vitae;• the characteristic from the place of study or work;• copy of educational document of the state sample;• the results of professional psychological selection;• three attested photographs of size 4,5x6 cm;• material of the special inspection of the interior Ministry and the FSB;• medical records (ECG, certificates from the narcological and tuberculosis and neuropsychiatric dispensaries, help, test results, radiographs of the paranasal sinuses, FLG in direct and lateral projections, blood sugar, HIV, and General biochemical tests, Wassermann reaction);• in the case if at the time of admission you are under 18 years of age, provide a certified letter of consent on receipt of your representatives - parents or guardians/caregivers.
Eligible for benefits are: • orphans; • children of employees OVD, held or serving under contract;• persons under 20 years having one parent – the invalid of the 1st group;• persons of privates and commanding personnel who took part in the fighting;• persons who graduated from the Suvorov military school of the interior Ministry with satisfactory evaluations;• military personnel who participated in combat operations on the territory of the North Caucasus;• the police officers, held or serving in the Chechen Republic;• children of police officers serving in the Chechen Republic;• persons serving under the contract, if the total lifespan is more than 3 years.
Eligible for benefits are: children-orphans; individuals up to 20 years living with one parent with a disability; citizens, dismissed from the service by reason of admission to the Institute; the children of servicemen who died in the line; children of military personnel whose parents dismissed from service and have seniority (over 20) as a result of service in the armed forces of Russia; the children of military personnel whose parents serve in the military forces and have seniority (over 20).
Submit documents proving benefits:• a certificate or extract from the personal file, confirming the death of one parent;• certified copy of military ID and a certificate of combat veterans;• a certified copy of a military card with a mark about participation in hostilities;• a certified copy of a military ID and direction for training.
Provide original documents upon arrival at the Institute, but no later than 2 days.
Pass the medical examination. It is carried out for final confirmation of the results in provided you help.
Go through a professional psychological examination. It is held usually in two stages: group testing and individual interviews. According to the results, you will satilites one of 4 groups for recommendations. Best result – the first and the second group of recommendations, as it is their members participate in the competition in the first place.
Provide a certificate of the exam in the required subjects: Russian language, history, math, social studies. Give additional oral entrance test in social studies.
Pass the test of physical fitness. As a test turn pull-UPS, run 100 meters and women's 3,000 m.
Pass screening test for use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. It is carried out with your consent and the consent of your parents (guardians/caregivers). Payment is made at your expense.