Advice 1: How to enroll in the cadet school girl

In the cadet schools can be credited not only boys but also girls with good health and proper physical training. But the main thing – the desire to learn in this specialized school.
How to enroll in the cadet school girl
You will need
  • - copies of documents.
Find out if in your area the cadet schools of the mixed type, that is, those that can do and boys and girls. Find out which mode of learning in these institutions and think whether you will give your daughter (sister, granddaughter) in the cadet school, organized by type of school.
Talk to your girl whether she wants to study in the school and find out that it is the chief, if she, say, committed in the school-internat. Maybe she just needs daily communication with parents and friends, or she just wants a change of scenery. Remind her once again that students of these schools have very stringent disciplinary requirements.
Gather information about interests you and your girl the school by visiting the appropriate website or by contacting the admissions office of the institution. Usually advantages in applying to these schools have only children-orphans and children of soldiers killed while performing official duties or in "hot spots."
Prepare for submission to the admissions office cadet school documents for admission in 1st class:- certified copy of birth certificate;- medical card (with the conclusion of the WCC that the girl can learn in such a place);- medical insurance;- a certificate from the institution OPTIONS (groups, sections), if your girl did there;- diplomas and certificates (if any);- a certified copy of the passport of one of parents;- certified copies of documents showing the status of the family (for military personnel);- 3 photos 3?4.Muscovites and residents of Moscow region will need to provide a extract from the house register in confirmation that the child has registration at the place of residence in these regions. Your little girl will be enrolled in the 1st class of the cadet schools, after the interview with the teacher, and psychologist.
If a girl will go to cadet school already at 5-11 classes, she will have to go and interview in mathematics and Russian language, to pass examination in physical training (running 1000 and 30 m, long jump, hanging on the crossbeam, Shuttle run) and get a positive conclusion from the psycho-pedagogical Commission of the school.

Advice 2: How to enter the school of cadets

Attention to Patriotic education of children, their level of physical fitness and health have revived the classical tradition of education and training in the cadet schools. Of course, the graduates of such schools equivalent to graduates of other secondary schools, and there are no benefits to enroll in universities do not have, but the proud title of "cadet" in the last time, I want to wear more and more children - both boys and girls. What can we do in this school?
How to enter the school of cadets
Find out if your area specialized cadet school. The mode of teaching in such schools can be organized on the principle of a boarding school, but there are schools with regular daily training. In addition, cadets can be and girls if their parents sent them to school are of mixed type.
Please note that in cadet school to enrol or to transfer almost the same as in conventional, with the only difference that candidates for admission should have a higher level of fitness.
Find out information about specific schools, go to her website, or by contacting the admissions office. In addition, the cadet boarding schools usually agitate physically strong children-orphans from orphanages to go and enroll in a school, conducting informational interviews with students. In addition to the orphans the benefits of admission are children of military personnel (killed in the execution of the job or employees in "hot spots").
Submit to the admissions office of the school the following documents, if your child goes to 1st grade:
- the statement;
- birth certificate (copy);
- medical insurance policy;
- medical records 026/U-2000 (with the conclusion about the suitability of the child to education in a similar institution);
help from institutions of further education (sections, clubs, studios), if the child did there;
- diplomas and certificates (if any);
- the passport of one of parents (copy);
- extract from the house register or other document confirming the registration of the child (for Muscovites in Moscow and MO);
- copies of documents confirming the status of the family (family of military men, large family, etc.);
- 3 photos of 3×4 cm.
If your child enrolled in grades 5-11, he will have an interview on Russian language and mathematics and pass the exam for physical training, but also be psychological-pedagogical Commission consisting of teachers of the cadet school. In addition to the required documents, you will need to provide report cards, school diary, in which the child was enrolled before enrolling, a copy of the personal records, school medical records certified by the school physician and the Director.
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