For admission to military College, you must be a citizen of the Russian Federation and have secondary (full) General or secondary vocational education. If you have not completed military service, you can enroll in age from 16 to 22 years. For passing or past military service age limit rises to 24 inclusive.
For admission to the higher military school must submit a report (statement) on the basis of which the applicant will be admitted to the pre-selection in a military Commissariat at the place of residence. Reception in military educational institutions is carried out on personal statements (reports) of citizens on which they are accepted for pre-selection in the regional or city military commissariats and professional selection of universities. The application must be supplemented with characteristics from the place of work or study, a curriculum vitae, copy of education certificate and three photographs. Military ID, passport, and original education documents provided by the applicant to the admissions office of military educational establishments on arrival.
After arrival at the higher military school, students go through a professional selection, in which candidates check:
• health (medical examination);
• physical fitness (running, lifting, swimming);
• General education (the examination in Russian language, literature, mathematics, physics).
• individual psychological qualities (interview with a specialist or vocational selection test)
You can go to military school without verification of General education if you meet the other requirements of professional selection are:
• Hero Of The Russian Federation;
• a graduate of Suvorov military and Nakhimov naval schools;
• graduated from secondary (full) education institution with a medal or secondary vocational school with a diploma with honors;
Before entering should contact their military school and to find out more information on issues of interest.