Applicants may not serve in the army of individuals from 16 to 22 years. The age limit can be extended to 24 years for individuals who have passed military service and to persons in the service contract.
Admission to the Ryazan higher airborne school includes the following stages: determination of the shelf life of the candidate for admission for health reasons, the definition of professional competence, assessment of the level of education and physical fitness.
The suitability of applicants for health reasons is determined by preliminary and final examination. The first is held in the unit's place of residence. The second medical Committee of the high school.
There are certain norms for admission to a test: growth not below 170 cm, good vision and normal blood pressure.
The purpose of the definition of professional competence – the formation of the qualitative structure of the school, meeting all the requirements of the future profession. Basically it is an examination of the records, interviews with commanders, monitoring of student testing. Achievements in the past and your confidence will help you pass this difficult test.
Entrance test to assess the level of General fitness is based on the programs of secondary or complete General education. Entering the specialty "personnel Management" exams in the following subjects: mathematics, physics, Russian language. For the specialty "translation and Translation studies" students take Russian language, literature and foreign language.
To determine the physical fitness of candidates must pass several tests: pull-UPS, running 100 meters, running for 3 km, swimming. There are certain rules of execution of these tasks. Although civil youth demands a bit more loyal than to have a military. In any case, admission should be preceded by intensive training.