To master the simplest skills of self-control plane refer to any flying club or aviation training center. Also provide services in training airmanship many small airfields.
If you are lucky enough to get into the school of Civil Aviation (HA), be prepared for the fact that much of the time you spend on the study of special theoretical disciplines, without which it is difficult to become a real pilot (aerodynamics, meteorology and so on). The students of such schools receive educational materials, usually free. Take the theoretical part, special attention, it will help in mastering the practice of piloting.
Choosing an educational institution the club of the Russian defence sports-technical organization (ROSTO), you'll also need to know the theory, but the main emphasis here is on practical skills. Theoretical materials in the clubs are typically provided electronically for self-study. Something new from the theory of course, you will learn from the instructor.
When choosing a place of study please note that as submits himself to one or the other flying school. KLUB ROSTO provides you flight book the standard sample and a pilot's license-athlete. The school of Civil Aviation usually have an agreement with an authorized training center, stating the training program. Watch the RAID is also recorded in the log book. To understand the issue fully, ask the program to introduce future learning, which specifies who approved – ROSTO or HA.
For a start possess the piloting skills, having worked in the air the required number of hours under the guidance of an experienced instructor. For quality learning you will need to spend in the air, minimum of 450-600 hours.
Start pilot training in the spring to summer could receive initial training and gain the required hours before the onset of winter cold. The best would be, if classes will be held approximately 3-4 hours per week for five months.
At the end of the course pass the exams and get the "right" plane. License issued by ROSTO, a little different from the one that issued the training center of Civil Aviation. However, from the point of view of practical application the document provided by HA would be more useful. The license is delivered within five to six months, so be patient. Well, the wait is quite pay off the joy of solo flight.