In principle, professional sports future is not the only motive to get into school of the Olympic reserve, some rather the only passion of one or another sport. You can start with a sports school, with the youngest groups. Coach if your child will be marked abilities and outstanding achievements in a chosen sport, be sure to recommend you to continue studying at the school of Olympic reserve.
You need to soberly assess the sporting success of the child in order not to waste time. Studying in sports schools of the Olympic reserve focuses more on the training than on learning, and if the sport becomes nothing more than a serious hobby, you might want to withdraw from the school of Olympic reserve and to give the child to a regular sports school, where the workouts are secondary.
For admission to the school of Olympic reserve child needs good physical preparation, respectively, to prepare the children begin even before admission. The age of entry is strictly limited – lower and upper thresholds are defined, to enter into the age beyond is almost impossible.
The date of receipt and acceptance of documents is strictly defined by the selection committees, the package of required documents is slightly different from package to public schools. Mandatory need help about the health of the future child. For the entrance exams will need sports uniforms.
With special attention need to go to the moral training of the child. Explain how you will arranged his life after enrolling in school of the Olympic reserve. Do not hide from him the fact that all his free time he would spend on training. Let him know that you have a lot of work, but with proper effort, he can succeed.
If a young entrant agrees, start preparing in advance: organize training and sports nutrition. When applying make before the entrance exams, he slept well and was not worried, because in a stressful situation the body inhibits human resources. A kid could get lost and not show half of what he's capable of.