Advice 1: How to get into cadet school

The competition for a place in the cadet school a lot more than some universities. And all because many parents want to see their children as strong, brave and well-educated. So go boys to study in the cadet corps.
How to get into cadet school
You will need
  • the extract from the personal file of the child;
  • information about the state of health;
  • certificate of achievement;
  • help about the social status of the child (for those children who need it)
The revival of the cadet schools and colleges began when children began to spend too much time on the street to fend for themselves. First and foremost, these schools have been calculated on children from disadvantaged and dysfunctional families. And today the cadet education reached the level of pre-revolutionary Russia and is now considered very elite. That is why many parents, even quite a secured and prosperous, they want to send their child to study in the cadet corps.
To become a pupil of the cadet school, you need to provide a number of documents. It includes information about the state of health of the child, an extract from the personal file, certificate of achievement (need for those who entered in grade 5) and the document confirming the social status of the child. This paragraph concerns those children who are orphans are brought up in large families and low income families, children from military families where one parent is lost during execution of official duties, and other categories of socially unprotected children.
After you pass these required documents to the admissions office, the child will start the entrance test. Typically, they include various interviews and psychological testing. The results of these interviews produced a selection of pupils in the school.
Take in the cadet school children of different ages. Minimum threshold - a child completing primary school. The decision for the kid, usually take the parents. And here on this soil, there are many convictions against those who have decided to enroll your child in the cadets. Militant parents believe that this occurs because giving a child in case the adults just don't want to do it on our own.

Advice 2 : How to enroll in cadet schools

Gaining popularity of the desire of young people to link their future with the army. As a rule, there is a desire at an early age is the reason for admission to special educational institutions, contributing to the realization of the dream. Today, in the cadet school can do not only males but also girls.
How to enroll in cadet schools
First, you need to decide on the question whether there is a need to enrol in cadet school? Maybe it's a fad or just an imitation of the neighbor's party? If the child has clearly defined its aspirations, it is necessary to start preparing for school in advance. Well, if the family is military, or at school where she's a teenager, there are special cadet classes, preparing for further admission.
Further, study at your chosen institution, the list of necessary for the receipt of documents. This can be done in the open day, which is usually arranged in the first months of spring, in the military or on official websites in the Internet. The list contains a specific list, which typically includes information about the state of health, extract from the personal file of the student, a certificate of social status (an orphan brought up in a large family, etc.).
Second, you should provide curriculum vitae, a personal statement to the head of the school from the candidate cadets, notarized copy of birth certificate (at the time of admission the child should be less than 15 years), the original copy of report card with grades for the last three quarters of the school year, the pedagogical characteristics, certified by the stamp of the school and signed by the class teacher and the Director, four photographs, size 3*4, without headgear.
Must provide a copy of medical insurance policy that has to be notarized, certificate of employment of parents, which should specify the nature of their employment.
Learn can a child take advantage of the benefits upon admission. Typically, such information provides special Commission, which conducts testing and interview with prospective cadets.
It must be remembered that in the cadet school take boys and girls who graduated from primary school, stay in school non-stop, on full state support. Normally, parents are allowed to pick up the kids for the weekend, but each institution its own rules.
The graduates of cadet colleges can enroll in the Academy, the Academy of the FSB, Military University, Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation on General grounds. No benefits for admission they have not, however, the obtained knowledge enable them to get to the chosen higher educational institution without much difficulty.
In Moscow, the cadet movement began to develop in 1992. With the support of community organizations began to establish military and military and naval circles, which eventually became known as "classes." Basic functions for the management of cadet educational institutions and education of students perform reserve officers, part of whom were graduates of Suvorov and Nakhimov schools.
Useful advice
By order of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation of 25 April 2013, Moscow "About modification of Typical position about presidential cadet, Suvorov military, Nakhimov naval, military music schools and cadet (sea cadet) corps, administered the recruitment of candidates in the Tyumen presidential cadet school in 2013 will be organized in accordance with this order.

Advice 3 : How to get into the cadet corps

Many boys, and fewer girls in the school, dreams of becoming cadets. For this they need to withstand the rigours of competition, the passage of which will ensure them a reception in one of the various schools, among them including a newly created institution, designed to teach persons, only women. To get into cadet school, need to start preparing in advance, before the entrance exams.
How to get into the cadet corps
Follow sites or other information sources which are selected cadet school. Starting somewhere in mid-April there will be a list of documents that you will need to provide to confirm your desire to become curanto or cadets.
Before this period help the child to undergo a full medical examination. It requires a lot of time and involve visiting a number of doctors. Likely, your child will be required to provide proof of health status, therefore this inspection will be useful. Also among the list will be extract from the personal file and documents related to the social status of him and his family.
Prepare in advance for the interview. Avoid excessive pressure on the child, but make sure that his decision to enter the school informed and motivated that he will be able to competently hold a conversation with a psychologist. Do not try to control his responses and don't try to think through the course of the interview for the student: remember that before you totally independent person who made an adult decision and are ready for the answer. The interview also takes place in late spring.
Check your enrollment and prepare your child for entrance exams. Please note that it will require a deep knowledge of General subjects, perhaps beyond what he receives in school. The competition in the cadet corps are usually big enough and your student should be ready to withstand high competition.
In addition to the examinations in General subjects and psychological testing is conducted a review of physical training, which also must be trained.

Advice 4 : How to enter the school of cadets

Attention to Patriotic education of children, their level of physical fitness and health have revived the classical tradition of education and training in the cadet schools. Of course, the graduates of such schools equivalent to graduates of other secondary schools, and there are no benefits to enroll in universities do not have, but the proud title of "cadet" in the last time, I want to wear more and more children - both boys and girls. What can we do in this school?
How to enter the school of cadets
Find out if your area specialized cadet school. The mode of teaching in such schools can be organized on the principle of a boarding school, but there are schools with regular daily training. In addition, cadets can be and girls if their parents sent them to school are of mixed type.
Please note that in cadet school to enrol or to transfer almost the same as in conventional, with the only difference that candidates for admission should have a higher level of fitness.
Find out information about specific schools, go to her website, or by contacting the admissions office. In addition, the cadet boarding schools usually agitate physically strong children-orphans from orphanages to go and enroll in a school, conducting informational interviews with students. In addition to the orphans the benefits of admission are children of military personnel (killed in the execution of the job or employees in "hot spots").
Submit to the admissions office of the school the following documents, if your child goes to 1st grade:
- the statement;
- birth certificate (copy);
- medical insurance policy;
- medical records 026/U-2000 (with the conclusion about the suitability of the child to education in a similar institution);
help from institutions of further education (sections, clubs, studios), if the child did there;
- diplomas and certificates (if any);
- the passport of one of parents (copy);
- extract from the house register or other document confirming the registration of the child (for Muscovites in Moscow and MO);
- copies of documents confirming the status of the family (family of military men, large family, etc.);
- 3 photos of 3×4 cm.
If your child enrolled in grades 5-11, he will have an interview on Russian language and mathematics and pass the exam for physical training, but also be psychological-pedagogical Commission consisting of teachers of the cadet school. In addition to the required documents, you will need to provide report cards, school diary, in which the child was enrolled before enrolling, a copy of the personal records, school medical records certified by the school physician and the Director.

Advice 5 : How to become a cadet

Many boys think in order to connect his life with the armed forces. Admission to a military school after grade 9 that serious step, which will help in the future when applying to military school.
How to become a cadet
First, one must decide what kind of institution to do to continue further study. To become a cadet in the cadet corps, which is in every region of the country, but you can try to enter, for example, in the Suvorov military school that much more prestigious.

What documents are required for admission

Deciding on a place of education, it's time to find out what the admission requirements and what documents are required for consideration of candidature. In the list of required documents includes a completed application from the applicant to place and from his parents. If the young person is an orphan, a certificate of death of parents.

Also requires psychological feature and characteristic of student status, copy of birth certificate, curriculum vitae, a copy of the insurance policy. A list of required documents may differ depending on the institution. You should go either on open day or visit the official website online. There you will find all the information you need.

What else do you need to become a cadet

When applying pay special attention to the progress of the child at the last place of study, participation in sports, service, discharges subject to availability. This will give a plus in the consideration of candidates. Therefore, always request an academic transcript from the log of the last educational institution.

Competition for a place in such institutions can reach 150-200 people in place and, therefore, evaluation needs to be very good, as the results of entrance examinations. In preparation for admission should spend time on extra classes in mathematics, Russian, physics and other subjects that will be on exams.

Today with the obligatory exams after the 11th grade all cadet facilities are not made to go to military school. Their task is to prepare the cadet for exams, to improve their physical shape and to show what the armed forces of the Russian Federation. After 2 years in this place, everyone will know exactly whether he wishes to obtain the rank of officer and continue to serve.

Training facility for cadets takes place away from home, ie young people are living in barracks in conditions of strict discipline. All pupils are in public care and education is completely free, it explains the number of people willing to continue learning it here.
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