You will need
  • the extract from the personal file of the child;
  • information about the state of health;
  • certificate of achievement;
  • help about the social status of the child (for those children who need it)
The revival of the cadet schools and colleges began when children began to spend too much time on the street to fend for themselves. First and foremost, these schools have been calculated on children from disadvantaged and dysfunctional families. And today the cadet education reached the level of pre-revolutionary Russia and is now considered very elite. That is why many parents, even quite a secured and prosperous, they want to send their child to study in the cadet corps.
To become a pupil of the cadet school, you need to provide a number of documents. It includes information about the state of health of the child, an extract from the personal file, certificate of achievement (need for those who entered in grade 5) and the document confirming the social status of the child. This paragraph concerns those children who are orphans are brought up in large families and low income families, children from military families where one parent is lost during execution of official duties, and other categories of socially unprotected children.
After you pass these required documents to the admissions office, the child will start the entrance test. Typically, they include various interviews and psychological testing. The results of these interviews produced a selection of pupils in the school.
Take in the cadet school children of different ages. Minimum threshold - a child completing primary school. The decision for the kid, usually take the parents. And here on this soil, there are many convictions against those who have decided to enroll your child in the cadets. Militant parents believe that this occurs because giving a child in case the adults just don't want to do it on our own.