If you want your child linked their lives with the circus, or Estrada, take him to the circus Studio or record on the course at a circus school, which are taking since 5 years. Group lessons will allow your child to acquire the basic skills on any of the primary branches (gymnastics, acrobatics, tightrope walking, juggling, choreography).
After graduating from middle or Junior high school your child with sufficient preparation may attempt to enroll in a circus school. Collect and submit the admission Commission of the educational institution the following documents:

- certificate of secondary (incomplete secondary) education;
- passport and birth certificate;
- medical certificate 086u form;
- x-rays of the spine (lumbar and thoracic);
- certificate from the psycho-neurological and tuberculosis dispensaries that the applicant is not listed there on the account;
- insurance;
- 6 photos 3×4.

In addition to these documents when re-entering the admissions Committee may require you to submit a military card and work book.
Your child will need to apply to circus school for a few months before the entrance exams in order to pass a preliminary interview with heads of educational institutions and find out the requirements for selection of applicants. In addition, over 2 months before the entrance examinations at the College begin to operate preparatory courses, which can be under the guidance of experienced teachers to adjust the program for admission.
Entrance examinations are held in three rounds. In the first stage, the members of the selection Committee evaluate the performance and professional skills of the future artist. In the second round – applicant passes the medical examination, the third demonstrates acting skills, ability to improvise, possession of the primary skills of gymnastics, acrobatics, musical instruments.
Even if your child successfully overcame all three rounds of the contest in circus school, waking up early, as he has to undergo the exams in General subjects. Applicants who have graduated from 9 classes, rent Russian language (written and oral) and literature (oral), 11 classes – write an essay.