You will need
  • - a personal letter to the head of the school of the desire to study in this school;
  • - autobiography in free form;
  • - copy of birth certificate;
  • - copy of passport or document confirming the Russian citizenship of the applicant and his parents (for those living outside the Russian Federation);
  • - extract from the report cards with grades for the first three academic quarters of their final year of study, certified by the stamp of the school (in the document must be specified as learning a foreign language);
  • card medical examination issued by military-medical Commission and certified by the military Commissariat (embedded in the personal file of the candidate);
  • - copy of medical insurance policy;
  • four photographs of size 3×4 cm;
  • - a certificate stating the place of residence, housing conditions and family composition of parents (or persons in Loco parentis).
Make the choice of educational institution in which you plan to study. On the territory of Russia nautical and naval schools only a few. And timing of training are different depending on age at admission. The age category for the graduates of the 4, 6, 8 and 11 classes of comprehensive schools. Accordingly, a full course of study will be within 7, 5, 3 and 2 years.
In view of the fact that knowledge of the English language to the extent of the school curriculum is a prerequisite for admission to the naval Academy, you need to consider this requirement. Students who have not studied English language for training will not be accepted.
Please submit a statement (report) on the desire to study at nautical College. This report is supplied by parents or persons in Loco parentis, until may 31. Please note that applications shall be received only through military commissariats at the place of residence of candidates. The application is submitted to the district or city military Commissar. The report should be subject to the consent of the parents (or equivalent persons) at the direction of candidates for study in school and income later in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. To the report attach the required documents.
Prepare the necessary documents that you have privileges for admission. For admission first preference is given to candidates from the preferential categories. These include: minors, orphans or persons without parental care (such candidates are enrolled without examinations, only the results of the interview and the required medical examination);- students with all subjects, excellent grades, premium or creditable sheets "For excellence" (this category delivers only one entrance exam in mathematics (written); the case of obtaining excellent marks, they are exempted from further exams, but when you receive a grade below 5 points, they have to pass exams on General grounds);- when they receive good grades on the entrance exams;- children of servicemen. Matching criteria in this category should check with your nautical school.
If you are selected, arrive at school on time, according to information in the written call, where you specify the day and time of attendance. The challenge in College will be entitled to receive necessary travel documents to the military enlistment office at the place of residence.
Pass all required tests, a medical examination. All persons coming for admission to nautical and naval education institutions, undergo professional psychological selection, inspection, physical training, medical examination and then allowed to pass competitive entrance exams. Candidates who do not meet the conditions of physical fitness, health status and have not passed professional psychological selection for further exams are not allowed.
Pass the necessary exams. Examinations are held in the programmes of secondary schools of the Russian Federation. Candidates pass written exams in Russian language and mathematics. Factor strict discipline was important in the entrance tests; those who miss the exams to pass are not allowed.
Prepare for the delivery standards for physical education. Evaluation of physical training on several types. Candidates younger pass standards for pull-UPS, and senior students in addition to pull-UPS needs to take the race by 60 meters and cross to 2,000 meters.