The first requirement is age. Since 2008, all of the Suvorov military school of the country began a gradual transition to a seven-year period of study, and age limits for entrants each year has varied, which considerably confused the applicants. Since 2011, the school accept children who have completed 4th grade of secondary school.
The first stage of admission is, in fact, the competition documents. A set of papers in order to enter in the Suvorov military school requires a solid – list is and copy personal records from the school, and the psychologist's report, and a copy of the patient card. The full list can be found on the website of the school. In order to properly execute all required application documents, please contact the recruitment office at the place of residence. Paper must be submitted before 1 June.
All documents are reviewed by a selection Committee and those candidates deemed "suitable" in all respects (health, level of education, age, etc.) receive an invitation to the entrance exam.
Tests take place in the first half of July. Potential cadets must demonstrate their physical fitness (as a result of the decision, "fit" applicant or "unfit") and psychological readiness for learning (psychological and psychophysiological examination). In addition, cadets need to know mathematics and Russian language tests in General educational subjects are also included in the program.
According to the results of entrance examinations each candidate is a single score (points). By the way, the scoring also takes into account sports, artistic or social achievements of the child, so the diplomas of participation in competitions will increase the chances of admission.
The final lists of candidates are as follows: first, enroll children eligible for preferential admission (orphans and children of certain categories of military personnel, including the former), then the entrants with the highest number of points.
With parents (or guardians) of cadets when enrolling at the school signed a written contract which describes in detail all the conditions of learning, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties.