In order to enter in the Suvorov school, you must meet certain physical and psychological characteristics, as well as to submit all the necessary documents and pass the entrance exam.
If your child has finished grade 4 in the year of income (this threshold was established in 2011, wants to enter in the Suvorov military school, then you need to contact your chosen school (admissions office). It will help you to make a statement and will explain what documents are required. It can be pre-done in the military in your residence, especially if the school is far away from you.
Documents must be submitted in the period until 1 June. The list of documents is impressive, so we should specify in the admissions office, what documents and in what form (original, copy) is required to provide.
After submission of all documents and recognition of the child fit to study in a military school in the first half of July this year, he will need to pass exams in mathematics (test), Russian language (dictation) and to pass the test of psychological and physical readiness.
For admission is required to collect a set number of points.
At the end of the tests, all successfully passed their candidates, found fit in physical and mental characteristics, are enrolled in school, by order of his boss.
This so-called overall order of receipt. For a number of categories of children, there is a preferential order of receipt. For example, orphans, children without parental care are enrolled without examinations, it will be enough of the interview results and medical indications. The number of children of military personnel are enrolled out of competition according to the results of the examination tests. The order may change, so before deciding to go to school should consult the admissions and recruitment office.
It should also be borne in mind that in the evaluation of documents, passing of entrance examinations taking into account all the achievements of the child in totality, therefore, submit along with other documents diplomas, awards and other documents attesting to the child's level of development.