Contact the recruitment office at the place of residence. If you have already finished school, you have the right to attempt admission. In the military you will need to write a personal statement in the prescribed form.
Gather the necessary for military school documents. Among them - birth certificate, medical certificate about state of health, characteristics of schools, four photos and so on. The exact list of the necessary paperwork will tell you in the military or admissions of the school where you are going to do.
If you have benefits on receipt, for example, are you an orphan or a son of a soldier, then you need to attach documentary evidence from the Department of social protection of the population of your city or area, or other public institutions. Then, instead of entrance examinations you will be scheduled for an interview.
Once the documents are accepted, you will be assigned days for arrival at school and entrance examinations. As a rule, military schools pass the math, dictation, as well as the physical training, but the exact list of items it is better to check with the admissions office.