You will need
  • - the statement of parents or legal guardians for minors (for people over 14 years - written consent of parents or legal representatives)
  • - birth certificate (photocopy)
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance (photocopy)
  • - the statement of estimates (or quarter trimestrali for the current academic year)
  • - certificate of basic General education (for citizens older than 14 years)
  • - certificate of secondary school
  • - if the child takes music lessons, you need help from her
  • - extract from a medical card of the student, indicating chronic disease
  • - vaccination card of student (photocopy)
  • - passports of parents (presented when submitting documents)
  • - characteristics of the school
  • - the certificate about state of health of the child from the psycho-neurological, narcological, kozhno-venereologic, antitubercular clinics
Make the documents in the cadet corps admissions mostly starts from March until the end of may.

Need to clarify the institution in which the child is going to do.
To enroll in the cadet corps, the child must be of excellent health - 1 or 2 group health and major physical group. The country needs healthy cadets, and in the future - healthy lieutenants, officers, generals! They must be ready at any moment to defend your life and others'.
Candidates for admission to the cadet corps, in addition to the delivery of documents, must undergo a medical examination. The venue of the examination and its timing are set by the admission Commission.
The incoming child needs to pass the exams. Basically required to take dictation in Russian language and mathematics in writing.
Competition for admission is very large. A preferential right if the entrance examinations in the case are:

- children of soldiers who died in the discharge of duties of military service or died owing to a mutilation (wound, trauma, contusion) or disease received during the performance of military duties;

- the children of the military men passing military service in military conflict zones;

- soldiers children are being raised without a mother or father;

- orphans or left without parental care;
Every cadet corps rules of admission of individual students. So, on the required admission documents, dates of enrollment and other nuances, it is necessary to specify in the cadet institution.