Suvorov military schools that train future officers, very popular. And to enter them is quite difficult. Into place expect usually 5-6 people. Yes, and the selection of applicants are very strict.

Requirements for candidates

One of the main requirements for admission is age. In the Suvorov military school of the country there was a transition to a seven-year period of study. Since 2011 the school accept children who have completed grade 5 of secondary school.

For admission to the school should contact the local recruiting office. There the parents of the child will help write a personal statement and give a list of necessary collection of documents. Next entrant waiting on the competition.

Pay great attention to the physical and psychological preparation for learning. The test on General educational subjects are also included in the competition program. The candidates must excellent knowledge of Russian language and mathematics.

The results of all entrance examinations is the total score. The scoring takes into account the creative and sporting achievements of candidates. Therefore, the diplomas of participation in competitions can play an important role when applying to College.

Then announce the final list of entrants. First, enroll children eligible for preferential admission. These include orphans and children of certain categories of servicemen. For the remaining locations enrolled candidates with the highest number of points.

All enrolled in the Suvorov military school are on full state support, ie free learn.

Required application documents

- personal statement of parents;
- copy of birth certificate, notarized;
- the autobiography of, completed by hand;
- the transcript of the student, stamped by the school indicating the studied foreign language;
- characteristics of the school with the signature of the class teacher and Director;
- medical certificate about state of health and suitability for enrolment in the Suvorov military school, issued by the medical Commission in the military;
- four photos 3x4 with a seal in the lower right corner;
- certified copy of medical insurance policy;
- a certificate of residence indicating the family composition;
- certificate of employment of parents about employment;
- if the child is an orphan, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the right for preferential admission to a military school.

Those wishing to enter in the Suvorov military school increases every year. Therefore, before entering so it is important to possess all the information necessary.