To enroll in the Suvorov military school in Yekaterinburg, you must submit to the admissions office the documents. Attach a statement on behalf of the parents or any of your official representatives on admission to the Director of the school. The statement should write one of the parents or representatives. If you have a complete family, then the statement must signed by both parents. The second application addressed to the Director of the school you write in your own handwriting.
Assure at the notary copy of birth certificate, mark the nationality on the reverse side of the certificate.
Write his own autobiography.
Attest the official seal of your educational institution with a copy personal file (each page) with required signatures of the school Director and classroom teacher for each year of training; extract from the report card that lists grades for the third academic quarter, signed by the class teacher and Director; statement on physical training (signed by the teacher of physical culture and Director of the school; your school record, signed by the class teacher and the Director of the school; psychological characteristics that are signed by a psychologist and Director.
Prepare color photographs of four pieces measuring 3x4 cm; Attach a copy of financial-personal account - an extract from the house register or certificate of family composition, which will indicate the account number of farms, as well as date of birth and occupation of each family member.
Take the extract from the house register from the place of its incorporation. Make a copy of your registration. Reassure notarized copy of passport (all pages) of your parents.
Imagine a certificate of employment (if already had).
Write down their anthropometric indicators of height, weight, bust, waist, hips, head circumference, clothing size, Shoe size. If you fall into the category of orphans or children without parental care, also submit relevant documents certified by the stamp.