First, one must decide what kind of institution to do to continue further study. To become a cadet in the cadet corps, which is in every region of the country, but you can try to enter, for example, in the Suvorov military school that much more prestigious.

What documents are required for admission

Deciding on a place of education, it's time to find out what the admission requirements and what documents are required for consideration of candidature. In the list of required documents includes a completed application from the applicant to place and from his parents. If the young person is an orphan, a certificate of death of parents.

Also requires psychological feature and characteristic of student status, copy of birth certificate, curriculum vitae, a copy of the insurance policy. A list of required documents may differ depending on the institution. You should go either on open day or visit the official website online. There you will find all the information you need.

What else do you need to become a cadet

When applying pay special attention to the progress of the child at the last place of study, participation in sports, service, discharges subject to availability. This will give a plus in the consideration of candidates. Therefore, always request an academic transcript from the log of the last educational institution.

Competition for a place in such institutions can reach 150-200 people in place and, therefore, evaluation needs to be very good, as the results of entrance examinations. In preparation for admission should spend time on extra classes in mathematics, Russian, physics and other subjects that will be on exams.

Today with the obligatory exams after the 11th grade all cadet facilities are not made to go to military school. Their task is to prepare the cadet for exams, to improve their physical shape and to show what the armed forces of the Russian Federation. After 2 years in this place, everyone will know exactly whether he wishes to obtain the rank of officer and continue to serve.

Training facility for cadets takes place away from home, ie young people are living in barracks in conditions of strict discipline. All pupils are in public care and education is completely free, it explains the number of people willing to continue learning it here.