You will need
  • - a statement from the parents of the applicant; - a statement addressed to the Director from the entrant;
  • - copy of birth certificate, certified by a notary;
  • - curriculum vitae; copy of personal records from school;
  • - extract from the report card;
  • - statement on physical education;
  • - description of the school;
  • - extract from the medical record, certified by a doctor;
  • - a copy of the insurance policy;
  • - the results of a medical examination;
  • - 4 color photos 3x4;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - certificate of registration;
  • - copy of passport of parents;
  • - certificate of employment of parents.
For admission to the St. Petersburg Suvorov military school, gather all required documents.

Pass a medical examination. Your conclusion should give the pediatrician, surgeon, endocrinologist, dentist, cardiologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, a TB doctor, a podiatrist.
In addition to the required documents, prepare further evidence of the achievements of the applicant in various fields: diplomas and certificates for prizes, diplomas.
In the field of literature and creative work for 2 years – it can be poetry or prose written by the applicant. In the field of sports achievements – copies of documents about the visiting sports clubs or training in the school, certificates and diplomas, and documents on the records of the candidate, a copy of the book of sports category. In the field of music and art education – graduation documents music or art schools, copies of diplomas and other awards for winning competitions.
Measure and record all the data of the applicant (weight, height, head circumference, chest, waist and hips, Shoe size and clothing). These data pass along with other documents.
If you have the right to benefits, prepare such documents. Depending on the situation, this can be copies of the documents on deprivation of parental rights, death certificate of parents, the recommendation of the Commission on Affairs of minors or certificate from the personal file of a soldier killed or maimed, a certificate of superannuation. A more detailed list of possible documents learn in school.
Submit the documents at the school. Wait for the results of the competitive selection. In case of the admission to entrance examinations, determine the date of exam and venue. Turn in entrance test: test in mathematics, Russian and foreign languages. Verify physical fitness and psychological testing.