Advice 1: How to enter in the Suvorov military school in St. Petersburg?

Suvorov military school prepares adolescents to military career teaches discipline and endurance. If you see yourself as his pupil, dreaming of military service, you have to put a lot of effort for a successful application.
How to enter in the Suvorov military school in St. Petersburg?
You will need
  • - a statement from the parents of the applicant; - a statement addressed to the Director from the entrant;
  • - copy of birth certificate, certified by a notary;
  • - curriculum vitae; copy of personal records from school;
  • - extract from the report card;
  • - statement on physical education;
  • - description of the school;
  • - extract from the medical record, certified by a doctor;
  • - a copy of the insurance policy;
  • - the results of a medical examination;
  • - 4 color photos 3x4;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - certificate of registration;
  • - copy of passport of parents;
  • - certificate of employment of parents.
For admission to the St. Petersburg Suvorov military school, gather all required documents.

Pass a medical examination. Your conclusion should give the pediatrician, surgeon, endocrinologist, dentist, cardiologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, a TB doctor, a podiatrist.
In addition to the required documents, prepare further evidence of the achievements of the applicant in various fields: diplomas and certificates for prizes, diplomas.
In the field of literature and creative work for 2 years – it can be poetry or prose written by the applicant. In the field of sports achievements – copies of documents about the visiting sports clubs or training in the school, certificates and diplomas, and documents on the records of the candidate, a copy of the book of sports category. In the field of music and art education – graduation documents music or art schools, copies of diplomas and other awards for winning competitions.
Measure and record all the data of the applicant (weight, height, head circumference, chest, waist and hips, Shoe size and clothing). These data pass along with other documents.
If you have the right to benefits, prepare such documents. Depending on the situation, this can be copies of the documents on deprivation of parental rights, death certificate of parents, the recommendation of the Commission on Affairs of minors or certificate from the personal file of a soldier killed or maimed, a certificate of superannuation. A more detailed list of possible documents learn in school.
Submit the documents at the school. Wait for the results of the competitive selection. In case of the admission to entrance examinations, determine the date of exam and venue. Turn in entrance test: test in mathematics, Russian and foreign languages. Verify physical fitness and psychological testing.
The term of study in the VCA - 3 years.

Advice 2 : How to go to music school

Music school – the second tier of professional music education. Before you enroll in a music school or College, the applicant should carefully prepared. In preparation for admission includes the choice of destination (instrumental performance, music theory, solo or choral singing, etc.), the study of solfeggio and music history.
How to go to music school
Humanities disciplines are handed over when entering the music school – Russian language, literature, and maybe history. Most schools accept applicants who passed the exam in these areas for a certain ball.
Additional, creative examinations. Chief among them – presentation of the programme of musical works of different forms (polyphony, Sonata, piece, sketch tool, an Aria from Opera, Lieder, folk song and Vocalise for voice on the instrument that you choose. The difficulty level depends on the initial requirements of a particular school and your own training. For students-conductors of the choir and orchestra and theorists, the program is executed on a piano.
The following exam – solfege. It consists of monophonic recording of dictation, the singing by one number, solfeggio and singing one of the numbers by heart. In some schools in exam p, FA includes additional tasks.
The final test is a Colloquium, or job interview. It the members of the selection Committee to check your knowledge in the field of theory and history of music, especially aspects associated with the biography of the composers, features and history of the form, musical analysis of works).

Advice 3 : How to enter the higher military school

For centuries the Russian officers were known for their honesty, professionalism, military bearing, stamina and endurance. It is on the officer corps was kept at all times handling, stability and readiness of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. So how do you enter the higher military schoolto get the officer's insignia?
How to enter the higher military school
For admission to military College, you must be a citizen of the Russian Federation and have secondary (full) General or secondary vocational education. If you have not completed military service, you can enroll in age from 16 to 22 years. For passing or past military service age limit rises to 24 inclusive.
For admission to the higher military school must submit a report (statement) on the basis of which the applicant will be admitted to the pre-selection in a military Commissariat at the place of residence. Reception in military educational institutions is carried out on personal statements (reports) of citizens on which they are accepted for pre-selection in the regional or city military commissariats and professional selection of universities. The application must be supplemented with characteristics from the place of work or study, a curriculum vitae, copy of education certificate and three photographs. Military ID, passport, and original education documents provided by the applicant to the admissions office of military educational establishments on arrival.
After arrival at the higher military school, students go through a professional selection, in which candidates check:
• health (medical examination);
• physical fitness (running, lifting, swimming);
• General education (the examination in Russian language, literature, mathematics, physics).
• individual psychological qualities (interview with a specialist or vocational selection test)
You can go to military school without verification of General education if you meet the other requirements of professional selection are:
• Hero Of The Russian Federation;
• a graduate of Suvorov military and Nakhimov naval schools;
• graduated from secondary (full) education institution with a medal or secondary vocational school with a diploma with honors;
Before entering should contact their military school and to find out more information on issues of interest.

Advice 4 : How to get into Suvorov military school

Suvorov is a great honor, which dreams of most boys. But, unfortunately, those who want to study at the Suvorov school, have a vague idea of the order received. In school can do minor citizens of the Russian Federation, who graduated from eighth grade educational institution, not older than 15 years. What is the procedure you need to follow, if the boy decided to enter in the Suvorov school?
How to get into Suvorov military school
Please contact your local recruiting office, they will help right to make a statement and adopt the following documents:
• a certificate of place of work and nature of employment of your parents or persons who replace them,
• reference from the place of residence of the parents, which shows the family composition, housing conditions,
• copy of health insurance policy, notarized,
• four photographs of size 3x4,
• medical report on health of health issued by a medical Commission in the military,
• pedagogical description, signed by the class teacher and the school Director, sealed with the official stamp,
• report card with grades for three quarters of the current year, with indication of the studied foreign language, certified by the stamp of the school
• autobiography,
• certified copy of birth certificate,
• statement from the candidate, written to the head of school.
In the military you should receive a request for a free military shipping document to the destination and back.
Entrance examinations are held from August 1 to 15. A group of candidates accompanied by a safety assistant from the military, directly to military school, although if desired, parents can go with the applicant.The school provides students with free accommodation and meals on-site.
If the exam you have to come out of the competition if you:
• children of military personnel who are being raised without a mother or father,
• children of military personnel who are serving in a war zone,
• children of military personnel who died in the line of duty, or died as a result of injury or disease received in the line of duty,
• children of military personnel who retired for health reasons, to achieve their military duties, or whose total length of military service is more than twenty years,
• children of military personnel who have a General duration of military service for more than twenty years, or undergoing military service under the contract.

Advice 5 : How to enter the Moscow Suvorov military school

Suvorov military school is the dream of many boys and their parents. Discipline, good education and prospects later in life – all of this is available to prospective cadets. However, to join them is not easy. There are a number of conditions for successful reception.
How to enter the Moscow Suvorov military school
You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - passport (if available);
  • - statement by the candidate for admission;
  • - application of parents or guardians;
  • - report card on progress;
  • - characteristic study;
  • - certificate of employment of parents;
  • - information on the housing conditions of the family;
  • - 4 pics;
  • - medical report of the military Commission;
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - the documents confirming the right to benefit (if any).
In the Moscow Suvorov military school enroll boys at the age of 15 years and who have completed eight grades. For orphans and children left without parental care, provides benefits. Children of military personnel serving in hot spots, employees under contract and having experience of more than 20 years, and also the sons of soldiers who died in the performance of or brought up without a mother, are enrolled out of competition.
The decision on admission, please contact the recruitment office at the place of residence. There will be documents and explain how to make an application for admission. Parents or persons, replacing them, should write a letter of consent to send their son to College and the subsequent enrollment in one of the military schools. You will also need a personal statement from the candidate.
Pass the medical Commission at the recruiting office and get a conclusion about the suitability of the training in military school. The parents of the candidate must request a certificate of employment and certificate, indicating that their housing conditions and family composition.
Request the documents at the place of study of the candidate. You will need a transcript, certified by the stamp and signature of the Director of the institution. In the same way certified and feature compiled by the class teacher.
Verify whether all necessary documents are on hand. The full list can be obtained in the military. If instead of the original copy is required, it must be notarized. Provide a complete package of documents to the admissions office of the College not later than may 15.
In the military will receive a demand for a ticket to travel to school and back. Non-resident applicants have the right to free travel, accommodation and meals during exams (1 through August 15).
By the beginning of the entrance examinations come to school. In addition to examinations in mathematics and Russian language provides for inspection of physical training and psychological testing of candidates. Applicants who have passed the first exam on the top five are exempt from further testing. All the rest should score required for admission, the number of points.
Withstood the exam and passed the competition applicants to study after the order of the head of the Moscow Suvorov military school.

Advice 6 : How to enroll into a helicopter College

The profession of pilot attracts many young people as interesting and promising. But in addition to driving airplanes it is possible to obtain the speciality of the pilot to control the helicopter.
How to enroll into a helicopter College
You will need
  • - certificate of complete secondary education;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - certificate with the results of the exam.
Choose a school in which the training of helicopter pilots. These include, for example Syzran military aviation school and Ulyanovsk school of civil aviation. Focus on the location of the institution, as well as the type of aircraft used in the training. This information is given on the website of the schools.
If you have the opportunity, enroll in preparatory courses. You will be able not only to improve your knowledge before taking the exam, but also to get acquainted with future teachers and classmates.
Turn in the exam. For admission you will need items such as Russian language, mathematics, physics and social studies.
Collect documents required for admission. In addition to the documents on education and the results of the exam, you will need to get in medical institutions of the information and surveys necessary for the medical examination. These include fluoroscopy, lung, and blood test results for HIV and hepatitis, help from a dermatologist-venereologist and a psychiatrist about the condition.
Submit the documents to the admissions office. Also you will need to write a statement for admission to College.
Pass a medical examination and verification of physical fitness. Your sports and medical indicators are not less important in the profession of a pilot than your knowledge.
Wait for the announcement of the results of the selection Committee. They will be published in the order of the head of the school of enrollment of students that have passed the competition. If you are not in the list, but you scored points enough to pass the minimum threshold, you may qualify for enrollment in College-based tuition. This is possible if you will get a place allocated for training on a paid basis. Information about this feature, you can get in the admissions office of the school.
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