You will need
  • - passport;
  • - evidence of delivery of uniform state examination.
Select a higher educational institution, which has a specialty "Jurisprudence". Current Russian law allows you to apply to several universities of the same profile. Because of the Prosecutor requires thorough knowledge of legislation, be sure to get the most solid education possible. Google the words "assistant inspector" or "assistant Prosecutor" and go to sites with ads from potential employers. Under "education" often indicated not only its level, but also several universities. Let's see what higher education institutions are demanded more than others.
Take the time to learn what exams to take admission. Until 1 February of each institution of higher education shall post a list on its official website. There you will find information, allowed the University to pursue additional testing or not. List of higher education institutions, where the interview is limited and changes every year.
Before March 1 contact the local Department of education with the statement that you want to pass the exams in the subjects according to the posted on the website of the educational institutions list. The certificate of passing the unified state examination are valid for two years. If you took the exam a year ago, to retake it is not necessary. But it's not prohibited, because you can try to get a higher rating.
Make several copies of the certificates of the unified state exam. Send them to universities. The original is better to keep to yourself, so you can present it to the admissions office at any time. If your scores allow you to enroll in several universities, choose the solid.
While studying thoroughly study the legislation. Follow all changes accepted legislative bodies fairly regularly. Whenever possible, attend a court session and observe the actions of the judge and Prosecutor. Learn to understand the business hierarchy.
Before graduation find a job. Future prosecutors usually start their career as an assistant investigator or assistant attorney. Try to show yourself as thoughtful and knowledgeable employee. It is possible that in a few years you will become Deputy, and then the city or district attorney. To this position appoints the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.