Legal education

Referee — a person possessing the fullness of the judiciary who preside over the court and oversees compliance with the law. The judge has fixed by law a status that guarantees its independence, subjection in addition to Federal law only to the Constitution, integrity and tenure.

To step on a career ladder candidate for this profession easier than others, thanks to the certainty of their actions. Future judge must, above all, to legal education. After working for some time as, for example, the legal counsel, the applicant may participate in the competition for judicial office. As you gain experience, the judge may extend the scope of activities and claim to work at higher levels.


In December 2004 VI all-Russian Congress of judges recognized the need to strengthen the judicial system by highly qualified personnel training in Russian Academy of justice, candidate judges and workers of offices of courts, training of candidates for judges of Federal courts within one to two years. A judge can be a person over the age of 25 who have experience of the legal service of 5 years, successfully pass the qualification exam required to obtain this position. While the judge prohibited any business activities, to belong to any movements or political parties, be elected a people's Deputy.

Considerable demands are made not only to professional but also to personal qualities of candidates for this responsible position. In addition to a deep knowledge of the law, the judge must be careful and cold-blooded, possess intuition, but not rely on it entirely. Independence and impartiality are the qualities that are most important for a specialist, whose responsibilities include independent decision making and which in any case should not be about threats or "mutually beneficial proposals."

The risks of the profession

The need for this profession is ever-present, because any resulting civil or administrative conflict requires resolution. From the decisions depend not only material goods, but also the fate of the people, therefore, the importance and responsibility of judges is difficult to overestimate.

If the judge both engaged in multiple Affairs, he often work outside of the meetings and personal study. Constant need to monitor changes in regulations, paperwork not only leads to psychological stress and physical fatigue. The representative of public authority is also subject to nervous tension due to the need to control their own emotions when dealing with strangers.