You will need
  • - application for admission to the University;
  • - results of examinations;
  • - characteristic;
  • - passport;
  • - photo;
  • - medical certificate;
Hand over unified state examination in the following subjects: Russian language, mathematics and social studies. It is a compulsory subject for admission to law school, although some may have their own conditions, so you should know them in advance. You need to prepare for the delivery of these exams, as more high gives the right to study on the daily budget Department of most universities.
Find out in advance about this moment. If you are sure that you will be able to prepare themselves, use the services of a tutor or enroll in an exam preparation. Every day you complete practice tests of the exam, and soon you will be able to reach the level of 80-90 points, which may well be enough for entering it on a budget. But still never stop.
Remember that if you are for 1-2 years enrolled in the preparatory courses of the Institute you want to do after school, it will give you a big advantage over other pupils. First, you will get acquainted closer with the subjects of the first course. Secondly, you will be better positioned to understand the science, and, as a consequence, it will pass successfully in the exam. Courses are paid, but they can compete on price with the services of a private tutor.
Apply the law faculty after school (or secondary education) and exam. You will need a passport (copy), photos (3-4), passport, characterization, and medical certificate. Once you complete the enrollment procedure (1-2 months), you will be given a student ID and you will be able to start training.
Pass the entrance exam to law school. This is the second option of enrollment in addition to the exam. However, remember that the poor results you can count on commercial place.